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Born To Be Alive

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High Beginner
Sally Hung (TW) & Suki Choi (KOR) - March 2018
Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez
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Sequence of dance:
Restart after finishing S3 of wall 2, facing 9 :00
Restart after finishing S3 of wall 6, facing 12 :00
* Both Restarts will have a change on S3:5-8, only make ¼ turn L on heel bounces

Intro: 32 counts

S1: Kick Forward, Side, ¼ L Toe Strut, Toe strut, Fwd, Pivot ½ Turn R
1-4RF kick forward (left snap finger), RF step side, LF ¼ L step forward on toes, LF step heel down
5-8RF step forward on toes, RF step heel down, LF step forward, pivot ½ turn R

S2: Triple ½ Turn R, Back Rock, Recover, Cha Cha ¼ Turn L, Back Rock, Recover
1&2Triple ½ turn R on L-R- L
3-4RF rock back, LF recover
5&6Cha Cha ¼ turn L on R-L-R
7-8LF rock back, RF recover

S3: Side, Hold, Behind, ¼ L, Scuff, Stomp, ½ L Heel Bounces(x3)
1-2&LF step side, Hold, RF behind cross
3-4LF ¼ turn L stepping forward, RF scuff forward (3:00)
5-8RF stomp, make a ½ turn L by heel bounces three times (9:00)
*RESTARTS HERE : wall 2, wall 6 (¼ turn L on Heel bounces)

S4. Side, Touch Behind, Side, Sailor Step, Hold, Toe Swivels, Punch Up
1-3.RF step side, LF touch behind cross, LF step side
4&5.RF cross behind, LF step beside, RF step a little fwd
6-7&8.Hold, toe swivels R-L, L fist punch up


Contact Suki : - Sally Hung:

Last Update - 23rd March 2018


rockinrobin April 15, 2018
Very fun dance!

jordie April 18, 2018
Great dance girls, look fwd to teaching this one..sandy xx

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