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Escapate Conmigo

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - March 2018
Wisin - Escapate Conmigo
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TAG: after walls 1, 4, 7
1Rf step right, with hip
2hip left
3hip right
4Rf close Lf
Then Restart....

Step touch, step touch, shuffle right, same to left but end ¼ left
1RFl right
&LF touch RF
2LF left
&RFtouch LF
3RF right
&LF right
4RF right
&LF touch RF
5LF left
&RF tiuch LF
6RF right
&LF touch RF
7LF step left
&RF left
8¼ turn left, LF forward

Mambo forward, lock step back, mambo back, lock step forward
1RF forward
&recover LF
2RF back
3LF back
&RF lock forward LF
4LF back
5RF back
&recover weight LF
6RF forward
7LF forward
&RF lock LF
8LF forward

Presure steps with or with out arms, mambo ½ turn right, lock step forward
1presure RF forward, right hand forward, left hand up, flamenco/ paso doble arms, ( option)
&weight LF
2RF close LF
3LF presure forward, left hand forward, right hand up, flamenco/ paso doble arms ( option)
&weight RF
4LF close RF
5RF forward
&¼ turn right, LF back
6¼ turn right, RF forward
7LF forward
&RF lock LF
8LF forward

4/4 triple turn, behind side forward, ½ turn left peddle turn
1RF forward
&½ turn left, weight LF
2½ turn left, RF step back, sweep LF
3LF back RF
&RF right
4LF. Cross for forward RF
51/8 left peddle turn
61/8 left peddle turn
71/8 left peddle turn
81/8 left peddle turn

Start again

Last Update - 31st March 2018


JillyJ April 5, 2018
LOVE. Love. Love this dance. At last a bit of salsa

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