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Adventure 45

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Ria Vos (NL) & José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) - April 2018
Best Adventure - Leaving Thomas : (Single)
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Intro: 16 Counts

Dorothy Fwd R-L, Cross Rock, Chasse R
1-2&Step R Fwd to R Diagonal, Lock L Behind R, Step R Fwd to R Diagonal
3-4&Step L Fwd to L Diagonal, Lock R Behind L, Step L Fwd to L Diagonal
5-6Cross Rock R Over L, Recover on L
7&8Step R to R Side, Step L Next to R, Step R to R Side

Cross Rock, ¼ L, ½ L, Shuffle ½ Turn L, Rock Fwd
1-2Cross Rock L Over R, Recover on R
3-4¼ Turn L Step Fwd on L, ½ Turn L Step Back on R
5&6Shuffle ½ Turn L Stepping L-R-L
7-8Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L

Shuffle Back, Shuffle ½ Turn L, Heel & Toe & Toe & Heel & -Turning ¼ L
1&2Shuffle Back Stepping R-L-R
3&4Shuffle ½ Turn L Stepping L-R-L
5&Dig R Heel Fwd, Step R Next to L
6&Touch L Toe Next to R, ¼ Turn L Step L Next to R
7&Touch R Toe Next to L, Step R Next to L
8&Dig L Heel Fwd, Step L Next to R

Rock Fwd, Ball-Back, Touch-Ball-Step, ½ Turn R, ¼ Turn R Slide, Touch
1-2Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L
&3Step on Ball of R Next to L, Step Back on L
4&5Touch R Next to L, Step on Ball of R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
6Pivot ½ Turn R
7-8¼ Turn R Step L Big Step to L Side, Touch R Next to L


Pismo April 3, 2018
Once again, NO CLOCK DIRECTIONS on the step sheet.

bbeerrtthhaa April 16, 2018
I added the clock direction on the stepsheet I copied, it's not hard to figure out!!

G Q June 13, 2018
nice little dance.. had a laugh trying to dance last section

catman April 16, 2019
No, it's not hard for us to figure out the wall directions, but also not hard, and in fact easier, for the choreographer to put them on when writing the original. Seems like Step Sheets 101.

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