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Do It Like This

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Jonno Liberman (USA) - April 2018
Do It Like This - Daphne Willis : (Single)
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Begin dance after 16 counts

[1-8] Hip Bump, Step, Walk, Walk, Hip Bump, Step, 1/4 Cross, Back (3:00)
1, 2Touch R toe as you bump R Hip right, Step R forward
3, 4Step L forward, Step R forward
5, 6Touch L toe as you bump L hip left, Step L forward
7, 8Turn 1/8 right as you cross R over L, Turn 1/8 right as you step L back

[9-16] Side, Touch Left, Cross Hitch, Touch Left, Together, Touch Right, Back Rock, Recover (3:00)
1, 2Step R next to L, Touch L to left side
3, 4Hitch L across body toward right, Touch L to left side
5, 6Step L next to R (or cross L behind R), Touch R to right side
7, 8Rock R back, Recover forward onto L

Dance Your Yaaas Off

Last Update: 6 Oct 2023


Sandue July 10, 2018
Love the music - love your dance. What a great easy version. I teach in The Villages, Florida and want to teach this one! Thanks.

Sandue July 13, 2018
I'd like to see a version for 32 count - my class did not like the 16 count. Maybe after the rock back add a walk forward and back and then vine right, vine left 1//4 turn with a brush to start the dance over. Thoughts?

HP August 29, 2018
Yes a 32 count version would be nice so that it wont be repetitive.Otherwise nice easy bouncy dance

Jazzbox May 12, 2019
Love the look of this dance and the music is great. Love all the demos.

Frank February 10, 2022
My class really enjoyed this dance. So much fun.

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