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Mary Marry Me

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Upper Beginner
Martie Papendorf (SA) & Charlotte Steele (SA) - April 2018
Distant Drums - Jim Reeves
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Intro: Start on the word “sound”.

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S.1: Chasse Right, L Rock Back-Recover, Side-Behind, Side-Together-Fwd
1&2Step R to right side, Step L beside R, Step R to right side
3-4Rock back on L, Recover onto R
5-6Step L to left side, Cross R behind L
7&8Step L to left side, Step R next to L,Step L fwd (12:00)

S.2: Rocking Chair, R Rock Across-Recover, Chase ¼ Right
1-4Rock R fwd, Recover L back, Rock R back, Recover L fwd
5-6Rock R across L to left dagonal (10.30), Recover L back (12.00)
*Note Arm styling count 5: Swing R arm across waist (bent elbow), L bent behind at waist level
7&8Step R to right side ¼ turn right, Step L next to R, Step R to right side (3:00)

S.3: Side, Together, Fwd Shuffle, Side, Together, Coaster step
1-2Step L to left side, Step R beside L
3&4Step L forward, Step R beside L, Step L forward
5-6Step R to right side, Step L beside R
7&8Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R fwd (3:00)

S.4: Rock Fwd-Recover, Chasse ½ Left, Chasse ¼ Left, Behind-Side-Cross
1-2Rock L fwd, Recover R back
3&4Step L to left side ¼ turn left, Step R beside L, Step L forward ¼ turn left (9:00)
5&6Step R to right side ¼ turn left, Step L next to R, Step R to right side (6:00)
7&8Cross L behind R, Step R to right side, Step L across R (6:00)


The dance ends in front.

Have fun…..lovely music.



Zen1 April 14, 2018
Where have all the "Likes" gone??? 186 likes at 11:35; none at 16:35?????

peter706 April 16, 2018
Zen1, maybe it has something to do with FB tightening up on the privacy thing. Or a simple failure of CK to link to the 'Like' sources.

M n S April 16, 2018
Recd. a very nice explanation from Neil at CK.....

Hi, Yesterday we changed the website to use SSL you may notice the URL's now all starts with HTTPS and your browser will show the secure padlock.
Unfortunately Facebook see's all HTTPS pages as a completely different page to the HTTP pages. so all the Facebook likes for all stepsheets will have been reset to 0.
Your Facebook likes do still exist and i can see you had 198 likes before the page was changed, but this page can no longer be accessed.
Hope this explains things.

Pigtails April 16, 2018
This dance is a winner!!!

Zen1 April 16, 2018
Thank you Pigtails - enjoy!

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