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So Tied Up

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Darren Bailey (UK) - April 2018
So Tied Up - Cold War Kids
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Intro: 16 counts (roughly 10 seconds)
Tag (the Tag happens on wall 2, 4 (double tag), 8 (double tag to finish).

Walk x 2, Step, Lock, Forward, Forward, Step, pivot ½ L, ¼ turn L, ½ turn L
1-2&Step forward on RF, Step forward on LF, Step forward on RF lifting onto the ball of the foot
3&4Lock LF behind RF, Step forward on RF, Step forward on LF
5-6Step forward on RF, Make a ½ pivot turn L (6:00)
7-8Make a ¼ turn L touching RF to R side, Make a ½ turn L touching RF to R side (9:00)

Cross Samba, Cross and Back, Back, Back, Out, Out, Touch, Clap x2
1&2Cross RF over LF, Rock LF to L side, Recover onto RF
3&4Cross LF over RF, step diagonally back on RF, Step straight back on LF
5-6&Step back on RF, Step back on LF, Step out to R side with RF
7&8Step out to L side with LF, Touch RF next to LF and clap, clap.

Point side, Touch In, Heel forward, Close, Touch side with knee In, Knee out, Pop shoulder to L, ¼ turn L, Lock, Shuffle forward
1&2&Point RF to R side, Touch RF next to LF, Touch R heel forward, step RF next to LF
3&4Touch LF to L side popping L knee in, Pop L knee out, Push shoulders to the L
5-6Make a ¼ turn L and step forward on LF, Lock RF behind LF (6:00)
7&8Step forward on LF, Close RF behind LF, Step forward on LF

Full circle run, Point side, Cross, Side, Sailor ¼ turn L
1-2&Make a ¼ turn R and step forward on RF, Make a ¼ turn R and step forward on LF, Make a ¼ R and step forward on RF
3&4Make a ¼ turn R and step forward on LF, Close RF next to LF, Point LF to L side (6:00)
5-6Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side
7&8Cross LF behind RF making a ¼ turn L, Step RF next to RF, step forward on LF (3:00)

Tag (after wall 1 facing 3:00, after wall 3 facing 9:00 (double), after wall 7 facing 9:00(double))
Slide diagonal R, Close, Chest pops, Slide diagonal L, Ball change
1-2Take a big step with RF to R diagonal, Drag LF
&3-4Push chest out, Contract chest back, Hold
5-6Take a big step with LF to L diagonal, Drag RF
&7-8Step RF next to LF, Step forward on LF, Hold

Step ½ turn pivot L, ½ turn Out, Out, Walk back x3, Close
1-2Step forward on RF, Make a ½ pivot turn L
&3-4Make a ½ turn L and step out on RF, Step out on LF, Hold
5-6Step back with RF, Step back with LF
7-8Step back with RF, Close LF next to RF
Feel free to add your own styling on the tag.

Hope you enjoy the dance.
Live to Love; Dance to Express.


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