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Waltzing Whiskey

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Rob Fowler (ES) - April 2018
Weed, Whiskey and Willie - Brothers Osborne
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Basic Fwd, Back Basic
1,2,3Step Forward L, Step R next to L, Step L next to R
4,5,6Step back R, Step L next to R, Step R next to L (12.00 0’clock)

Left Twinkle, ½ Turn basic back
1,2,3Cross L over R , Step R next to L(1.30 O’clock) ,Make 1/8 turn L step L to side (12 O’clock)
4,5,6Cross R over L(11.30 O’clock), Make ½ turn R stepping back on L, Step R next to L (facing 4.30 O’clock)

Step Back basic, Step fwd R, Sweep L,
1,2,3Step Back L, Step R next to L, Step L next to R(facing 4.30 O’clock)
4,5,6Step forward R , Make 1/8 turn R sweeping L (2 counts no weight facing 6 O’clock)

Cross Weave, Step Side Drag Touch
1,2,3Cross L over R,Step R to R side, Step L behind R,
4,5,6Step R Long Step R, Drag L to R, Touch L next to R (6.00 O’clock)

Rolling Full Turn Left, Cross Rock Recover Side
1,2,3Make ¼ turn L, Make ½ turn L stepping back on R, Make ¼ turn L stepping L to side
4,5,6Rock R Over L, Recover back on L, Step R to R Side (6.00 O’clock)

Diamond Shape Fall Away (3/4 Turn) Hold
1,2,3Cross L over R, Step R to R side( Facing 6 O’clock), Step L Behind
4,5,6Step diag back R, Make 1/8 turn L stepping L to L side( Facing 3 O’clock),, Cross R over L
1,2,3Step L diag fwd L, make 1/8 turn L, Step R to R side( Facing 12 O’clock),, Step L Behind
4,5,6Step diag back R, Make 1/8 turn L stepping L long step to L side( Facing 9 O’clock),, Hold

Cross Rock ¼ turn, slow ½ pivot
1,2,3Rock R over L, recover back L, Make ¼ turn R stepping fwd R
4,5,6Step fwd L, Make Slow ½ pivot turn R (over 2 Counts facing 6 O’clock)


Happy Feeet April 23, 2018
May you live long to 110 and an extra few years to repent. Hao'li La Hanau to you from Hawaii, Rob.
Love the sound track, next teach on HappyFeet list

LouiseG April 28, 2018
Loved the music within the first few bars and the waltz will suit all ny classes from improvers up x

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