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No Roots

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Eric Mosley (USA) - April 2018
No Roots - Alice Merton
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*1 Restart (after initial, 32cts)
*1 (4ct Tag) and Restart on 9th rotation of the dance

(32 Count Intro)

Heel dig x3, Pivot Step, Heel Flick
1,2 & 3,4Right heel dig, and Left heel dig,
5,6, and Right heel dig, ¼ pivot to the right, step down (take weight), left side step
7,8Left side step, Right heel flick back. (Do Not Step down yet)

Step, Hold, Pivot x3, Left Coaster Step (syncopated rolling grapevine)
1,2 &,3,4 &Right side step , Hold ,Left swing back ½ pivot step to the Left,Hold, Left forward ½ pivot step to the Left, Hold,
5, &,7&8Left backswing ½ pivot step Right, Hold, Left coaster step.

Sailor Step 2x, Step ¼ Pivot, Side Crossing Shuffle
1&2,3&4Right sailor step, Left Sailor Step
5,6,7&8Right fwd step (take weight), Fwd ¼ pivot left (take weight on right),Cross left over, crossing shuffle L,R,L (take weight on Left)

Side Point, Flick 2X, Shuffle Right, Left Sailor Step
1,2,3,4,Right side toe point, Right heel flick, Right side toe point, Right flick
5&6,7&8Side Shuffle R,L,R (take weight), Left ¼ Pivot Sailor step (take weight)
(Restart Here, after the First 32cts from the beginning of the Dance)

Slide, Touch, Kick-Ball-Cross Step, ¾ Monterrey
1,2,3&4Slide Right to Right side, touch Left next to Right, Left kick-ball-cross step
5,6,7,8Point Left To Left side, back sweep ½ pivot,(take weight on Left), Point Right to right side, touch right next to left (take weight left)

Slide, Touch,Kick-ball-Step, Step, ½ Pivot, Kick, ½ Pivot, Shuffle
1,2,3&4Left slide back (take weight), toe touch Right next to left, Right fwd moving Kick-ball-left step,
5,6,7&8Right fwd step ½ pivot left, kicking sweep ½ pivot left pivot Fwd shuffle L,R,L.

Please enjoy this dance, I had so much fun creating it. I hope you love it too.



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