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The Dance

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Tina Argyle (UK) - April 2018
The Dance - Robert Mizzell : (iTunes)
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Please note This doesn’t dance as well to the Garth Brooks track, at the end it goes out of phrase.

Count In : 20 counts from start of track approx. 20 seconds into the track – start on the lyric “back”

Basic NC Step x2. Basic NC Step ¼ Turn. Long Step, Behind, Side.
1Take a long step right to right side
2&Rock left behind right, recover.
3Take a long step left to left side
4&Rock right behind left, recover.
5Make ¼ turn left taking a long step right to right side (9 o’clock)
6&Rock left behind right, recover.
7Take a long step left to left side
8&Cross right behind left, step left to left side

Cross Rock x2. Step ½ Pivot Turn Step. Run Run. (or full turn left,travelling forward over 2 counts)
1Cross rock right over left
2&Recover weight onto left, step right at side of left
3Cross rock left over right
4&Recover weight onto right, step left at side of right
5Step forward right
6&7Step forward left, make ½ right onto right, step forward left (3 o’clock)
8&Run fwd right then left – or make ½ turn left stepping back right, make ½ turn left stepping fwd left

Tag During wall 5 section 1, make counts 7-8& another NC basic step, then Restart the dance facing 9 o’clock wall
7Take a long step left to left side
8&Rock right behind left, recover.

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TheLatinDancers April 28, 2018
An ideal dance for new beginners to learn the basics of 'Night Clubs'... the counts are perfect for that. Also not too long a dance to worry the brain cells too much. Another great dance from the pen of Ms Argyle. Worthy of another Crystal Boot I'm guessing! The lady just gets better and better.

Kato May 2, 2018
Everything TheLatinDancer said - great for a first attempt at NC2 step. Also, I’m guessing this would fit any NC2 if you didn’t know the particular dance - the steps are classic and would fit anything. Well done Tina. Xx

G Q July 31, 2018
lovel y dance for a hot summer night. i did use GARTH brooks just prefare his voice

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