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1,2,3 Beginner Mambo

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Karianne Heimvik (NOR) - May 2018
(1-8) Mambo right, mambo left, fwd lockstep, rock step
1&2; rock R to right, lift and recover weight on L, step R back in place
3&4; rock L to left, lift and recover weight on R, step L back in place
5&6; step fwd on R, step and lock L behind R, step fwd on R
7,8; rock fwd on L, recover weight on R (here you can do a bodyroll if you feel comfortable with it)

(9-16) lockstep back, step out out, in in, pivot ½ turn
1&2; step back on L, step and lock R across L, step back on L
3,4; step R to right, step L to left
5,6; step R back in place, step L back in place
7,8; step fwd on R, make ½ turn to left stepping fwd on L

Start dance again! Smile and enjoy yourself!!


Jewels May 26, 2018
Cute little beginner dance x

karianne May 26, 2018
Thank you! x

bshatto June 9, 2018
I am teaching it. FYI the song is by Sofia Reyes. Karianne- that would be good to add with the song name.

karianne June 16, 2018
Thank you so much for teaching it! the mixup has been fixed with the name :-)

bbeerrtthhaa September 7, 2018
Cute little beginner dance. I like the song also!!

karianne September 8, 2018
Thank you! It came in 4th in it's class at world dance masters 2018

Claire D June 27, 2021
Great steps for beginners moving up and love the music.

Berta nyna November 13, 2022
cool choreo. DONE VOTE TO 25

Novi3NLD November 18, 2022

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