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Good Goodbye

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Laurent Chalon (BEL) - May 2018
Good Goodbye - Dean Brody
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Intro : 16 counts

Section1: Scissor step, Side kick, Stomp, Side Kick, ½ turn Stomp, Side Kick
1RF, To the right
2LF, next to RF
3RF, cross over LF
4LF, Side Kick Left
5LF, Stomp next to RF
6RF, Side Kick right
7RF, ½ turn right, Stomp next to LF
8LF, Side Kick left

Section 2: Stomp, Heel Fwd, Toe back, ½ turn heel Fwd, Hook, Step Fwd, Tap Toe back (2x)
1LF, Stomp next to RF
2RF, Heel Forward
3RF , Point back
4RF, ½ turn right, heel forward
5RF, Hook
6RF, Step Forward devant
7LF, Tap toe behind RF
8LF, Tap toe behind RF

Section 3: Slow coaster step, Tap toe back, Slow coaster step, Tap toe back
1LF, Step back
2RF, Next to LF
3LF, Step forward
4RF, Tap toe behind LF
5RF, Step Back
6LF Next to RF
7RF, Step Forward
8LF, Tap Toe behind*
* Restart here wall 6, replace Tap toe  stomp LF forward

Section 4: Rock back + Kick, Stomp, Hold, step back (3x), touch
1LF, Rock back + Kick RF
2RF, Recover
3LF, Stomp next to RF
5RF, Step back
6LF, Step back
7RF, Step back
8LF, Touch next to RF**
**Restart here wall 7. Replace touch by LF next to RF.

Section 5: Rolling vine, scuff, vine, touch
1LF, ¼ turn left, step forward
2RF, ½ turn left, Step back
3LF, ¼ turn left, step to the left
4RF, Scuff
5RF, to the right
6LF, cross behind RF
7RF, to the right
8LF, Touch next to RF

Section 6: Rumba Box
1LF, to the left
2RF, next to LF
3LF, Step forward
5RF, to the right
6LF, next to RF
7RF, Step back

Section 7: Scissor Step, hold, Scissor Step, Hold
1LF, To the left
2RF, Next to LF
3LF, cross over RF
5RF, to the right
6LF, next to RF
7RF, cross over LF

Section 8: Side Rock ¼ turn cross, Vine ¼ turn, Step Fwd, Stomp
1LF, Side Rock left
2RF, recover with ¼ turn right
3LF, cross over RF
4RF, to the right
5LF, cross behind RF
6RF, ¼ turn right, step forward
7LF, Step forward
8RF, Stomp up next to RF

Tag : End of wall 2, add
1RF, Step diagonally right Forward
2LF, Stomp up next to RF
3LF, Step diagonally left back
4RF, Stomp up next to LF

Wall 8: change rhythm + hold
Dance the first 5 sections normally. Dance sections 6, 7 and 8 by slowing down the rhythm (follow the music).
At the end of wall, add a long « hold » and finish the dance (count 3 - section 4).

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