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Little Miss Hayley Jo

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Absolute Beginner
Pat Stott (UK) & Vikki Morris (UK) - June 2018
Hayley Jo - Derek Ryan
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Quick start: Just before vocal “I see you wasting time” Approx 2 seconds

S1: R Heel Dig, Close R, L Heel Dig, Close R, R Vine , L Touch
1 2Dig Right heel forward, Close Right next to Left
3 4Dig Left heel forward, Close Right next to Left
5 6Step Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right
7 8Step Right to Right side, Touch Left next to Right
S2: Touch L Out In Out, Flick L, L Vine ¼ Turn Left, Scuff R
1 2Touch Left toe to Left side, Touch Left toe to Right
3 4Touch Left toe to Left side, Flick Left behind Right *See choreographer's note below*
5 6Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left
7 8Turn ¼ turn Left stepping forward Left, Scuff Right (9 o clock)
S3: R Toe Strut (Click Fingers), L Rock, Recover R, Back L, Touch R (Clap), Back R, Touch L, (Clap)
1 2Touch Right toe forward, Slap Right heel down and click fingers
3 4Rock forward Left, Recover on Right
5 6Step diaginally back on Left to Left diagonal, Touch Right next to Left and clap hands
7 8Step diagonally back on Right to Right diagonal, Touch Left next to Right and clap hands

S4: L Vine, Step R, Twist Heels R, L, R, L
1 2Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left
3 4Step Left to Left side, Step Right in place
5 6With weight on balls of both feet twist heels R L
7 8Twist Heels R L Weight ends on Left to start dance again

Choreographer's note: if your Ab's are up for a bit of fun, there is an option to “Slap leather” in section two,
Step 4, As you flick Left foot behind , slap your foot with your Right hand and raise your Left arm in the air

Enjoy !!!

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