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High Low (a.k.a Heartbreaker)

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Michelle Risley (UK) - June 2018
Heartbreaker - Brett Eldredge
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Restart Wall 3, Step Change & Restart Wall 6

Large Step Right, Back Rock, Large Step Left, Back Rock, Rhumba Box Forward
1-2Large Step To Right Side, Back Rock Left, Recover
3-4Large Step To Left Side, Back Rock Right, Recover
5&6Right Side, Left Together, Right Forward
7&8Left Side, Right Together, Left Back
**During The Song Brett Will Sing “ You Go High, I Go Low”
On Counts 1-4 Raise Both Arms To Left As You Step Right, And Lower Arms To ‘Pull’ At Right Side, As You Step Left

Right Lock Back, ¾ Triple L, Point Right Out, In, Out, Weave
1&2Step Back Right, Lock Left In Front On Right, Step Back Right
3&4Turn ¾ Over Left Shoulder, Left Triple (3oc) **RESTART HERE
5&6Point Right Toe To Side – Out, In, Out
7&8Weave Right Behind Left, Left Side, Right Cross Over Left
RESTART: Wall 3 Dance Upto Count 12 Restart Dance Facing 9oc

Rocking Chair, Scuff, Hitch, Touch, Hip Roll, Coaster Step
1&2&Rock Left Forward, Recover, Rock Left Foot Back, Recover
3&4Scuff Left Past Right, Hitch Knee, Touch Left Toe Back
5&6Hip Roll Anti Clockwise (Or Hip Bumps Back) Ending With Weight On Left
7&8Step Back Right, Together Left, Step Forward Right
**Count 5&6 Will Hit The Word “Shake My World!” So Shake It!!

Diamond ½ Turn, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Cross Shuffle
1&2Cross Left Over Right, Turn 1/8 Turn Left Step Right Back, Step Left 1/8 Turn Left. (12)
3&4Cross Right Behind Left, Step 1/8 Turn Left, Step Right Side. Angle To Right Diagonal (9)
5&Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover (Still Angled To Right Corner)
6&Side Rock Left, Recover
7&8Cross Left Over Right, Right To Side, Cross Left Over Right
Straighten To 9oc As You Start The Dance Count 1.

** STEP CHANGE & RESTART – Wall 6 Started At 6oc, Dance Upto Count 28, Step Left Next To Right (&) Start The Dance Again Facing 12oc.

Finish Dance Turn Count 11&12 To The Front Wall And Point Right Out In Out – TA!

Smile And Enjoy!




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