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Cold Beer

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Byran R. (USA) - June 2018
Straight Outta Cold Beer - Blake Shelton
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Phrasing – 32, 24, (Restart – Walls 2, 5, 8), 32, 16 count Tag (After walls 3, 6, 9) Run through and repeat 3 times

Wizard steps, Scuff, Stomp, Chicken Walk
1 , 2&Step Diagonally with R, Step L behind R foot, Step R
3 , 4&Step Diagonally with L, Step R behind L foot, Step L
5 , 6Scuff R heel, Stomp R Foot
7 , 8Step L foot forward fan Knee, Step R foot forward fan Knee

Kick and Point, Weave L, Rock Recover, Cross and Cross
1 & 2Kick L foot forward, Step L Foot Together, Point R toe R
3 & 4Step R foot behind L foot, Step L foot L, Cross R foot over L
5 , 6Rock out to L, Recover on R
7 & 8Cross L foot over R, Step slightly on R foot, Cross L foot over R

¼ Turn Shuffle Back, Step Back L Body Roll, R Rocking Chair, R Donkey Turn
1 & 2¼ turn L, Step back R, Slide L foot together, Slide R foot back
3 , 4Step Back on L, Body Roll touch R toe next to L foot
5 , 6Point R Toe Back, Touch R heel Forward
7 , 8Point R toe to R, ¼ turn over R shoulder hitching R knee
Restart walls 2, 5, 8

Toe sweeps, ¾ Turn, Walks
1 , 2Sweep R toe back
3 , 4Sweep L toe behind R foot
5 , 6¾ turn unwind over L shoulder
7 , 8Walk R, Walk L

Tag (After walls 3, 6, 9)
Rock Recover x3, Shuffle ½ Turn
1, 2&Rock R, Recover L, Replace weight on R
3, 4&Rock L, Recover R, Replace weight on L
5, 6Rock forward on R, Recover back on L
7 & 8½ turn Shuffle over R shoulder R, L, R

Rock Recover x3, Walk x2
1, 2&Rock L, Recover R, Replace weight on L
3, 4&Rock R, Recover L, Replace weight on R
5 , 6Rock forward on L, Recover back on R
7 & 8¼ turn Shuffle over L shoulder L, R, L



Blrj32 June 21, 2018
One edit...I used an old step sheet and forgot to change the wall count to 4. I've emailed and hopefully that can be updated. Sorry for any confusion. Hope you enjoy, thank you!

DJBigDave August 3, 2018

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