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Marcel Rohrer (CH) & Monika Ottiger (CH) - May 2018
Metropolitans - Pegasus
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[1-8 Step fwrd., Cross R over L, Back L, ½ Turn fwrd R, ½ Turn back L, Step Back R, Step fwrd. L, Sweep R, Step fwrd. R, Sweep L, Cross Rock L, Recover R, Side Step L, Cross Rock R, Recover L, Side Step R
1Step forward Left
2&aCross Right over Left (2), Step Left back (&), ½ turn Right stepping Right forward (a) - 6:00
3½ turn Right stepping Left back - 12:00
4Step back on Right
5Step forward on Left and sweeping Right forward
6Step forward on Right in front of Left and sweeping Left forward
7&aCross rock Left over Right (7), Recover on Right (&), Step Left to the Left side (a)
8&aCross rock Right over Left (8), Recover on Left (&), Step Right to the Right side (a)
(Restart here on Wall 3 [12.00], Wall 7 [6.00] Wall 10 [6.00])

[9-16] Cross L over R, ¼ Turn Back R, ¼ Turn Side L, Cross R over L, Rock L / Sway L, Recover / Sway R, Step fwrd. L, Hitch/Kick R, ½ Turn fwrd. R, ½ Turn back L, Step Back R
1&aCross Left over Right (1), ¼ turn Left stepping Right back (&), ¼ turn Left stepping Left to side (a) 6:00
2Cross Left over Right
3Side Rock Left and Sway Left
4Recover on Right and Sway Right (Add Ending on Wall 14)
5&aStep forward on Left (5), Hitch Right Knee (&), Kick Right Foot forward (a)
6½ turn Right stepping Right forward - 12:00
7½ turn Right stepping Left back - 6:00
8Step back on Right

From The Top.......

Ending on Wall 14 (starting 12:00)
5Cross Left over Right
6Unwind ½ turn to the Right and smile - 12:00



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