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My Wave

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Kate Sala (UK) - July 2018
My Wave (feat. Shy Carter) - Keith Urban : (Album: Graffiti U)
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Intro: 32 counts.

Forward Heel Grind on R, Forward Heel Grind on L, Rocking Chair.
1 2Step forward on R heel with toes turned in. Grind the heel turning toes from left to right.
3 4Step forward on L heel with toes turned in. Grind the heel turning toes from right to left.
5 6Rock forward on R. Rock back on to L.
7 8Rock back on R. Rock forward on to L.

Step, Kick. Back, Touch, Side Step, Kick, Side Step, Hook Behind.
1 2Step forward on R. Kick left foot forward (Clap).
3 4Step back on L. Touch R next to L.
5 6Step R to right side. Kick L across R.
7 8Step L to left side. Hook R foot up behind L .

Grapevine Right, Touch, Grapevine Left With 1/4 Turn Left, Scuff.
1 2Step R to right side. Cross step L behind R.
3 4Step R to right side. Touch L next to R.
5 6Step L to left side. Cross step R behind L.
7 8Turn 1/4 left stepping forward on L. Scuff R forward.

Diagonal Step Right, Swivel R Heel Out, In, Step Together, Tap Left Out, In, Heel Swivel Right.
1 2Step R forward to right diagonal. Swivel R heel out to right.
3 4Swivel R heel left. Step R next to L.
5 6Touch L toe out to left side. Step L next to R.
7 8On balls of feet swivel both heels right. Recover heels back to centre.

Start Again. Enjoy!


Rising Sun Dancers July 10, 2018
Fab little dance, love it!! xxx

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