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Nenaghs' Church

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Tina Argyle (UK) - July 2018
My Church - Maren Morris : (Single - iTunes)
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(Pronounced Neenas)

Count In : 16 counts from start of track
Start Facing top right corner of 12 o’clock wall

1/8th turn Stepping fwd with sweep, cross side, behind side cross, Rock ¼ turn step, Full turn fwd
1Make 1/8th turn left to face 12 o’clock stepping fwd left sweeping right anti-clockwise at same time
2–3Cross right over left, step left to left side
4&5Cross right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
6&7Rock left to left side, make ¼ turn right recovering weight onto right, step fwd left (3 o’clock)
8&Make ½ turn left stepping back right, make ½ turn left stepping fwd left

Basic Nightclub Step x2. ¼ turn sway,sway ,sway, Modified Sailor ½ turn
1,2&Take big step right to right side, rock back left, recover
3,4&Take big step left to left side, rock back right, recover
5,6,7Make ¼ turn left stepping right to right side pushing hips right, transfer weight onto left pushing hips left, transfer weight onto right pushing hips right (12 o’clock)
8&Make ¼ turn left crossing left behind right, make ¼ turn left step right in place (6 o’clock)
*** ReStart here during Wall 5 – just step fwd to restart the dance facing 6 o’clock ***

Walk Fwd x2. Mambo rocks Fwd,recover, Side,recover. Sailor Steps travelling backwards x2
1–2Walk fwd left then right
3&Rock fwd left, recover weight onto right
4&Rock left to left side, recover weight onto right
5&6Sweep and cross left behind right, step right to right side, step slightly back left
7&8Sweep and cross right behind left, step left to left side, step slightly back right

Sailor ¾ Turn. Syncopated Rocking Chair. 1/8th turning reverse rumba box to left diagonal, step together
1&2Sweep and cross left behind right making ¼ turn left, Make ¼ turn left stepping right to right side, Make ¼ turn left stepping left slightly fwd (9 o’clock)
3&4&Rock fwd right, recover weight onto left, rock back right, recover weight onto left
5&6Step right to right side, close left at side of right, step back right
7&8Step left to left side, close right at side of left, step forward left into left diagonal
&Step forward right

*** Tag end of wall 3 walk forward left then right into the corner then restart the dance including the 1/8th turn to face 6 o’clock) ***

Written in the car park of a Hotel in Nenagh in the county of Tipperary, during my first visit to Ireland.
Happy friends old and new – happy times, happy memories.

Last Update - 10th July 2018


dancer33 July 19, 2018
Brilliant just brilliant ....... Soul great song lovely footwork love this Tina thank you

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