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Star Ring Waltz

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Beginner waltz
Toshiko Kawamoto (JP) - July 2017
I'd Fall In Love Tonight - Anne Murray
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**This dance was choreographed for a special workshop held in Sendai by the Star Ring Friends line dance club.**

Intro: 24 counts
Note: 6-count tag after 4th and 8th wall (both facing 12:00)

[1-6] L twinkle, R twinkle
1-3cross L over R (1), step R to right side (2), step L to left diagonal (3)
4-6cross R over L (4), step L to left side (5), step R to right diagonal (6)

[7-12] Step Point, Back Point
1-3cross L over R (1), point R to right side (2), hold (3)
4-6cross R behind L (4), point L to left side (5), hold (6)

[13-18] Weave, Step and Draw to Right
1-3cross L over R (1), step R to right side (2), cross L behind R (3)
4-6big step R to right side (4), draw L toward R (5-6)

[19-24] Step and Draw to Left, 1/2 Curving Walk x 3
1-3big step L to left side (1), draw R toward L (2-3)
4-6turn 1/8 right stepping R forward (to 1:30) (4), turn 1/4 right stepping L forward (to 4:30) (5), turn 1/8 right stepping R forward (6) (face 6:00)

Tag: after 4th and 8th walls facing 12:00
[1-6] Slow Walk x 2 (facing 12:00, but traveling towards 1:30)
1-3step L toward 1:30 (1), draw R toward L (2-3)
4-6step R toward 1:30 (4), draw L toward R (5-6)



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