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Eyes On You

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Daniel Trepat (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - July 2018
Eyes On You - Trent Tomlinson : (CD: That's What's Working Right Now 2016)
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One Restart in wall 3 after 16 counts, and two easy Tags ending walls 5/8.
Introduction: 16 counts, start on approx; 09 sec.

Part 1. [1-8] Dorothy Step R, Step Lock Step L (Diag), Cross Rock R / Recover, ½ Shuffle Turn R.
1,2&Long step R diagonally fwd (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R fwd (&).
3&4Step L diagonally forward (3), Lock R behind L (&), Step L fwd (4).
5,6Cross rock R fwd (5), Recover back onto L (6).
7&8(R, L, R) Shuffle turn R (7&8). (6.00)

PART 2. [9-16] Fwd Rock L / Recover, Coaster Step L, Syncopated Points R, L, R with Hand Claps Twice Together.
1,2Rock L fwd (1), Recover back onto R (2).
3,4Step L back (3), Step R beside L (&), Step L forward (4).
5&6&7Point R out to R (5), Step R beside L (&), Point L out to L (6), Step L beside R (&), Point R out to R holding weight onto L (7).
&8Clap both hands together twice in front of your chest (&8).
(NB: Restart here in wall 3 after 16 counts, after start again facing 12 o`clock).

PART 3. [17-24] Heel Jacks R, L Across, Replace, Cross, Side, Behind, Side with ¼ Turn R, Step.
1&2&Step R across L (1), Step L diagonal slightly back (&), Touch R heel diagonal forward (2), Step R back in place (&).
3&4&Step L across R (3), Step R diagonal slightly back (&), Touch L heel diagonal forward (4), Step L back in place (&).
5,6Step R across L (5), Step L to L (6).
7&8Step R behind L (7), Make ¼ turn R (9.00) step L to L (&), Step R fwd (8).

PART 4. [25-32] Step, Back with ½ Turn L, L Shuffle Back, Back Rock R / Recover, Back with ½ Turn L, Continue a ½ Turn L, Step.
1,2Step L fwd (1), Make ½ turn L (3.00) step R back (2).
3&4Step L back (3), Step R beside L (&), Step L back (4).
5,8Rock R back (5), Recover back onto L (6), Make ½ turn L (9.00) step R back (7), Continue a ½ turn L (3.00) step L fwd (8).

(NB: Easy Tag here, ending walls 5 / 8 after 32 counts, after start again: 1st easy Tag 6 o`clock, 2nd easy Tag 3 o`clock).
TAG - Rocking Chair R.
1-4Rock R fwd (1), Recover back onto L (2), Rock R back (3), Recover back onto L (4).


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elvecioleon January 16, 2023
Let me make a small clarification. In PART 3 steps 17 to 20 are VAUDEVILLE (there are cross step) and not HEEL JACKS (where there are NO cross step). See Kickish on page 29

D'oro January 20, 2023
I would say they are vaudeville, also. Now heel jacks are another story, I have found at least 3 different teaches of heel jacks...very confusing

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