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Just Because

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Easy Intermediate
Michelle Risley (UK) - August 2018
Because - Boyzone
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Count in: on Vocals (quick 4 counts from heavy beat)

Step Right, Cross, Step Right, Together, Forward, Step Left, Cross, Left, Together, Forward.
1-2Step R to right side. Cross step L over R.
3 & 4Step R to right side. Step L next to R. Step forward on R.
5-6Step L to left side. Cross step R over L.
7 & 8Step L to left side. Step R next to L. Step forward on L (12.00)

Rock Forward, Recover, Coaster Step, Step Pivot 3/4 Turn Right, Side Shuffle.
1-2Rock forward on R. Recover on to L.
3 & 4Step back on R. Step L next to R. Step forward on R.
5-6Step Forward On Left Pivot 1/2 Turn Right (6oc)
7 & 8Make ¼ Turn R Step L To L Side, R Next To Left, Step L To R Side (9oc)

Step Touch to Right, Step Touch to Left Step Forward, Shuffle Back
1-2Step Right to Side, Touch Left next to right
3-4Step Left to Left Side, touch right next to left
5-6Step forward Right, touch left behind Right heel (Click fingers)
7&8Step back Left, Together Right, Step back Left
Styling; Count 1-4 Should Be A Swing Soften Knees Swing Your R Arm

Rock Back, ½ Triple Turn Left, ¼ L Side Rock, Cross & Heel
1-2Rock Back on the Right, Recover on Left
3&4½ turn over Left shoulder, Right Shuffle back (3oc)
5-6¼ turn over left shoulder, whilst rocking to left side, recover (12oc)
7&8&Cross Left over Right, Back Right, Left Heel Forward, Left to Place (12oc)

Rock Step, Coaster Step, Chase ½ Turn, Chase ¼ Turn
1-2Rock Forward on Right, Recover back on left
3&4Step Back Right, Left next to right, Step forward Right
5&6Step forward left, Pivot ½ Turn Right, Step forward left (6oc)
7&8Step forward Right, Pivot ¼ Turn Left, Step forward Right (3oc) **
** Wall 2 - replace count 8 with ‘Touch’ – Restart dance at front wall

Rock Step, Full Turn Back, Sailor ½ Left, Full Turn Right
1-2Rock Forward Left, Recover back on Right
3-4½ Turn Left stepping Left forward (9oc), ½ Left stepping Right back (3oc)
5&6Cross step L behind R, Turn 1/2 left stepping R in place. Step forward on L (9oc)
7-8Pivot 1/2 turn right. Turn 1/2 right stepping back on L

Start Again... Smile...Just Because!

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Last Update - 16th Aug. 2018


Sassy Stepper August 12, 2018
Appears to be a typo in section 2, counts 7&8. Left shuffle - left to side, right close, step left to "RIGHT" side?

Kato September 9, 2018
Lovely dance which should appeal to improver through intermediates as last 2 sections a bit harder with the turns. We all liked it at the workshop this weekend. Thanks Michelle. Xx

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