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The Fire

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Kate Damgaard (DK) - August 2018
The Fire - Derek Ryan : (Album: The Fire - iTunes)
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Intro: 32 counts from the first beat of the music

Tag 1 after wall 2 - Tag 2 after wall 6 - Restart in wall 7 after 28 counts

Side, Behind, Chassé, - Cross rock, Chassé 1/4
123&4R step side, step L behind, R Chassé (side, together, side )
567&8cross L over R, recover on R, L chasse 1/4 left (side, together, turn ) 9:00

Step 1/2 turn, Shuffle fwd, Step 3/4 turn, Kick ball cross
123&4R step fwd, turn 1/2 left, weight on L, shuffle R fwd (fwd, together, fwd) 3:00
567&8L step fwd, turn 3/4 right, weight on R, L kick ball cross 12:00

Side touch, Kick ball cross, Side rock, Cross shuffle
123&4L step side, R touch, R kick ball cross
567&8R step side, recover L, R cross shuffle 12:00

Side rock, Tripple on the spot 1/2 turn, Cross, Back, Kick ball cross
123&4L step side, recover R, tripple on the spot LRL with 1/2 over L shoulder 6:00
567&8R cross over, L step back, R kick ball cross

TAG 1 after wall 2:
1234R side, L touch, L side, R touch

TAG 2 after wall 6 (the instrumental part):
123&4R side, L behind, R chassé (the same as the dance)
5678L cross, R recover (cross rock) L side, R touch
1234R side, L touch, L side, R Touch

RESTART after 28 counts in wall 7 ... almost at the end of the wall :
Dance the part " L side rock, Tripple on the spot 1/2 turn left" ... Restart

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