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Feel You In My Bones

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Phrased Intermediate
Benjamin Harris (AUS) - August 2018
Bones - Jess & Matt : (iTunes)
Bones (Acoustic) - Jess & Matt : (iTunes)
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Starting position: Feet together weight on left. Intro: 16 counts. Walls: 2. Counts: Total 64, 32 each section

Part A: 32 counts
A1: Step, Shuffle forward, Rocking chair-forward rock recover-shuffle backward
1, 2 & 3,Step forward R, shuffle forward stepping L-R-L
4 & 5 &Rock forward on R, recover back L, rock back R, recover forward L
6 & 7 & 8Rock forward R, recover back L, shuffle backward stepping R-L-R (12:00)

A2: Out-Out-Together-Shuffle across, Step side, Sailor step, ¼ Sailor step
& 1 &Step L to L side, step R to R side, step L together
2 & 3, 4Shuffle across stepping R-L-R, Step L to L side
5 & 6, 7 & 8Sailor step stepping R-L-R, ¼ turn L sailor step stepping L-R-L (9:00)

A3: Pivot ½ turn, Paddle ¼ turn, Across-&-Heel-&-Shuffle across
1, 2, 3, 4Step R forward, pivot ½ turn L, step R forward, pivot ¼ turn L
5 & 6 &Step R across L, step L slightly to L side, touch R heel diagonally forward, step R together
7 & 8Shuffle across stepping L-R-L (12:00)

A4: Side shuffle, Back rock recover, ¼ turn, ¼ turn, Shuffle across
1 & 2, 3, 4Side shuffle stepping R-L-R, rock back L, recover R
5, 6, 7 & 8¼ turn stepping L back, ¼ turn stepping R to R side, Shuffle across stepping L-R-L (6:00)

Part B (only danced to the back wall): 32 counts
B1: Side, Hold, Behind, ¼ turn, Forward rock recover-Together- Forward rock recover-Together
1, 2, 3, 4Step R to R side, hold, step L behind R, step right forward turning ¼ R
5, 6 &Step L forward, recover back R, step L together
7, 8 &Step R forward, recover back L, step R together (3:00)

B2: Pivot ½ turn, Shuffle forward, Out-Out (on heels)-In-In-Out-Out (feet flat)-In-In (fast V steps)
1, 2, 3 & 4Step L forward, pivot ½ turn R, shuffle forward stepping L-R-L
& 5 & 6Step out onto heels stepping R-L, step together stepping R-L
& 7 & 8Step out with feet flat stepping R-L, step together stepping R-L (option to do both on flat feet) (9:00)

B3: Step across, Back, ¼-Across, Side, Back rock recover, Side-Touch-Side-Touch
1, 2 &Step R across in front of L, step L back, step R together turning ¼ R
3, 4Step L across in front of R, step R to R side
5, 6Rock L behind R, recover forward R
& 7 & 8Jump L to L side, touch R together, jump R to R side, touch L together (12:00)

B4: Forward-Together-Bounce-Back-Together-Bounce, Step-Lock-Step, Step-Lock-Step
& 1 & 2Step L forward, step R together, lift heels, drop heels weight on L
& 3 & 4Step R back, step L together, lift heels, drop heels weight on L
5 & 6Lock step forward stepping R-L-R
7 & 8Lock step forward stepping L-R-L (12:00)

Sequence: A B B A A B B A A B A. A usually danced on verse or main chorus, B always danced to the back wall.
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