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I Love Grandpa

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Improver NC2
Vikki Morris (UK) - September 2018
That's What Grandpas Do - Gord Bamford
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Start: 32 counts on the word “Eight”

S1: R Basic, L Side, R Behind, ¼ L, R Side, L Behind, R Side, L Cross Rock, Recover R, L Side, Cross R
1 2 &Large step Right to Right side, Cross rock Left behind Right, Recover Right
3 4 &Large step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left, Turn ¼ turn Left stepping forward Left (9 o clock)
5 6 &Large step Right to Right side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side
7&8&Cross rock Left over Right(7), Recover on Left(&), Step Left to Left side(8), Cross Right over Left(&)
S2: L Basic, R Rock Forward, Recover L, ¼ R Sweeping L, Cross L, Back R , Back L Sweeping R, Cross R, ¼ R, Cross L
1 2 &Large step Left to Left side, Cross rock Right behind Left, Recover Left
3&4Rock forward Right, Recover Left, Turn ¼ turn R stepping forward Right and Sweep Left around in front of Right angling body to Right diagonal (12 o clock)
5&6Cross Left over Right, Step back Right, Step slightly back and to the Left with Left and sweep Right over Left angling body to Left diagonal
7&8&Cross Right over Left(7), Straightening body up to front wall step back Left (&), Turn ¼ turn Right stepping Right to Right side(8), Cross Left over Right(&) (3 o clock)

Tag: At the end of wall 4 facing 12 o clock
R Basic, L Basic
1 2 &Large step Right to Right side, Rock back on Left, Recover Right
3 4 &Large step Left to Left side, Rock back on Right, Recover Left

Many thanks to Jesper Tottrup for the music suggestion



DeeDee September 6, 2018
Nice dance!

gypsycowgirl September 6, 2018
Thank you

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