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Simple As We Can Be (P)

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Partner / Circle
David Whitehead (USA) - September 2018
Simple - Florida Georgia Line
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Adapted from the line dance “Simple As Can Be” : choreographed by Julia Wetzel
Alterations to make this into a partner dance by David Whitehead
Original Line Dance Dedication: Choreographed for the NTLDC 2018 Event

Intro: 16 counts, start dance with start of lyrics (10 sec. into track)
[1 - 8] Walk R L, Step, Pivot ¼, Cross Shuffle, ½ Cross Shuffle
1-4Step R fw (1), Step L fw (2), Step R fw (3), Pivot ¼ turn left weight on L (4) I.L.O.D.
5&6Cross R over L (5), Step L to left side (&), Cross R over L (6) I.L.O.D.
7&8½ Turn left cross L over R (7), Step R to right side (&), Cross L over R (8) O.L.O.D.
[9 - 16] Rock, Behind, Side, Cross, Side, ¼ Back, L Coaster Step
1,2Rock R to right side (1), Recover on L (2) O.L.O.D.
3&4Step R behind L (3), Step L to left side (&), Cross R over L (4) O.L.O.D.
5,6Rock L to left side (5), ¼ turn left rock back on right (6) F.L.O.D.
7&8Step L back(7), R together with L (&) Step L forward (8) F.L.O.D.
*Restart here on Repetition 3 facing Forward
[17- 24] Rumba Box R L, Forward R L R L
1&2Step R to right side (1), Step L next to R (&), Step R fw. (2)
3&4Step L to left side (3), Step R next to L (&), Step L fw. (4)
5-8Walk forward R, L, R, L (Option: Turn Lady a full turn R on counts 6 & 7]

[25 - 32] Right Locking Shuffle, Left Locking Shuffle, Rocking Chair
1&2Step R forward(1), Lock L behind R (&), Step R forward (2)
3&4Step L forward (3), Lock R behind L (&), Step L forward (4)
5-8Rock R forward (5), Recover on L (6), Rock R back (7), Rock L forward (8)
Restart On Wall 3 dance up to Count 16 then restart facing F.L. O. D.
Thank you to Julia Wetzel for a great line dance that inspired me to adapt to a partner dance.

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