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Sleepwalk With Me

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Low Intermediate
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - September 2018
Sleepwalk (Acoustic) - The Shires : (Single)
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Intro – 16 Counts From Start Of Track

[1-8] Side Lounge, ¼ Turn L, ½ Turn R Stepping Back, Walk x2, Rock , Walk Back x2, Step Back With Sweep, Behind, Side
1,2&Rock RF to R side, ¼ turn L placing weight on L, ½ turn L stepping RF back
3,4,5Step LF forward, Step RF forward, Rock LF forward (Styling Option- Lift RF off the floor, making a arabesque line on count 5 as you rock)
6&7Step RF back, step LF back, step RF back sweeping LF from front to back
8&Step LF behind R, step RF to R side (facing 3.00)

[9-16] Rock, Recover, Side, Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn R, ¼ Turn R, ½ Diamond Fall Away
1,2&Cross rock LF over R, recover on to R, step LF to L side
3,4&Cross rock RF over L, recover on to L, ¼ turn R stepping RF forward
5,6&¼ turn R stepping LF to L side, 1/8 turn R stepping RF back diagonal, step LF back
7,8&1/8 turn R stepping RF to R side, 1/8 turn R stepping LF forward diagonal, step RF forward

[17-24] Nightclub Basic x2, ½ Turn L With Sweep, Rock, Recover With Sweep, Behind, Side
1,2&1/8 turn R stepping LF to L side, close RF behind L, cross LF over R
3,4&Step RF to R side, close LF behind R, cross RF over L, (facing 3.00)
5,6,¼ turn L stepping LF forward sweeping RF from back to front continue to make another ¼ turn L, rock RF forward (9.00)
7,8&Recover on to LF sweeping RF from front to back, step RF behind L, step LF to L side

[25-32] Full Spiral Turn L, Cross, Side, (or full turn) Nightclub Basic, Sway R, Quick Sways L,R, Sway L, Cross Rock, Recover
1,2&Cross RF over L make full turn spiral L keeping weight on RF, step LF to L side, cross RF over L
(Option: After the spiral turn add another full turn L)
3,4&Step LF to L side, close RF behind L, cross LF over R
**Restart Here Wall 2** (Facing 6.00)
5,6&Step RF to R side as you sway R, sway L, sway R,
7,8&Sway L placing weight on LF, cross Rock RF over L, recover weight on to L (End Facing 9.00)

**Tag** - End Of Wall 4
1,2Sway R, Sway L (facing 12.00)



Orangecat October 10, 2018
Brilliant dance to a beautiful song! The dance interprets the music so perfectly well.

cass October 16, 2018
Fab dance not hard class loved it

dancer33 October 17, 2018
Gorgeous dance

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