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Change Your Mind

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Debbie Rushton (UK) & Joey Warren (USA) - October 2018
Change Your Mind Artist: Britney Spears
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Tango style on part A…Cha Cha on part B.
Count in is 16 counts start A on lyrics

A – 64 counts
A1: Cross, Rock-&-Cross, Brush-Cross, Side Point-Touch Together, Hold, And Together
1-2&3Cross R over L, Rock L out to L, Recover on R, Cross L over R
4 – 5Brush R fwd and hitch knee up as you start to cross R over L, Cross R over L
6& - 7Touch L out to L, Touch L beside R, Hold count & (weight still on R)
&-8-1Small step out to L on the L, Step R beside L, Cross L over R (all @ 12 o’clock)

A2: ¼ Turn Step Lock Step, Step Half Turn, Step Lock Step, ½ Turn Sweep
2-&-3¼ Turn R stepping R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R fwd
4 – 5Step L fwd, ½ Turn Pivot to the R taking weight on to R (@ 9 o’clock)
6&78Step L fwd, Lock R behind L, Step L fwd, ½ Turn L stepping back R/sweeping L front to back

A3: Make a 3/8 Turn L as if you were going around a table with the steps below
1 – 2Step L behind R, R out to R side (make about 1/8 Turn L here)
3-&-4Make another 1/8 Turn L Cross L over R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R
5-&-6Step R out to R, Step L behind R, Step R out to R
7-&-8Make another 1/8 Turn L Cross L over R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R
** Turns aren’t exactly at a certain point just end the circle pattern facing @ 10:30

A4: Rock-Coaster Step Half Turn, Step-Mambo Step, Step with a Brush
1-2&3Rock fwd R, Step back on L, Step R back beside L, Step L fwd (@ 10:30)
4 – 5½ Turn L stepping back on R, Step back on L (@ 4:30)
6&7-8Rock back on R, Recover to L, Step R fwd, Step L fwd as you brush R fwd all on 8 (@ 4:30)

A5: Slow Walk x 2, Touch-Flick-Touch-Point, Hold, And Point
1234Hold for count 1, Step R forward, Hold for count 2, Step L fwd (square up to 3 o’clock on walk)
5&6&Touch R toe fwd, Flick R heel up beside R hip, Step down on R, Point L out to L
7-&8Hold count 7, Step L next to R, Point R out to R

A6: Step-Flick Hook, Step-Flick Hook, Coaster Step, ½ Turn, Side Step ¼ Turn
1-&-2Step back on R, Flick L heel up near L hip, Hook behind R as you step down on that L
3-&-4Step back on L, Flick R heel up near R hip, Hook behind L as you step down on that R
5-&-6Step back on R, Step L back beside R, Step R fwd (prep to turn over L shoulder)
7 – 8½ Turn L stepping slightly fwd/down on L, ¼ Turn L stepping R out to R (@ 6 o’clock)
*** As you do that ¼ Step out to R…pick L foot up and begin to sweep back behind R

A7: Behind-Side-Cross w/ Sweep, Cross-Side-Behind-Side
1234Cross L behind R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R, Sweep R from back to front
5678Cross R over L, Step L out to L, Step R back behind L, 1/8 Turn L stepping L fwd - Facing @ 4:30

A8: Rock Recover, Coaster Step, Rock-&-Cross, Turn Turn
1 – 2Rock R fwd to 4:30 diagonal, Recover back on L
3-&-4Step R back, Step L back beside R, Step R fwd (still @ 4:30)
5-&-6Rock L out to L squaring up to 6 o’clock, Recover R, Cross L over R (@ 6 o’clock)
7 – 8¼ Turn L stepping back on R, ½ Turn L stepping fwd on L (@ 9 o’clock)

*** This is the 8 counts you will do after 32 counts of A on the 3rd time doing A….you will dance first 32 and then drop the three 8 counts before this and do this section on the lyrics “you don’t have to cross the line but…” (You Should Restart into B after this at 12 o’clock)

B – 32 counts
B1: ¼ Turn Big Step Drag, Ball Cross, Triple Step on Diagonal, Step 3/8 Turn R
1-2&3¼ Turn L taking big step out to R dragging L to R over 1-2, Ball step L to R, Cross R over L
(The ¼ turn to start will make B start to 6 o’clock)
4-&-5Triple step L, R, L forward to L diagonal (@ 4:30)
6 – 7Step R fwd/slightly across L, 3/8 Turn to R stepping back on L (@ 9 o’clock)

B2: ¼ Rock & Hitch Hold, Rock-Recover Step, Rocking Chair ¼ Samba Step
8&1-2¼ Turn R rocking R out R, Recover on L, Hitch R Knee up and around over 1-2 (@ 12 o’clock)
&-3-4Rock R out to R as you did to start this 8, Recover L, Step R fwd 1/8 Turn (now @ 10:30)
5&6&Rock fwd on L, Recover back R, Rock back on L, Recover fwd R
7-&-8Step L fwd to diagonal, ¼ Turn L as you step back on ball of R, Step L fwd (@ 7:30)

B3: Step Sweep, Ball Cross, Triple Step, And ¼ Point, ¼ Turn and Turn
12&3Step R fwd as you sweep L out and in front of R over 1-2, Cross L over R, Step R back
4-&-5Triple Step back L, R, L (all of this is done facing 7:30)
& - 6¼ Turn R stepping R out to R, Point L toe out to L (body should be facing 10:30)
7 – 8¼ Turn L stepping down/fwd on L, 3/8 Turn L stepping back on R (facing 3 o’clock)

B4: ¼ Turn Side Together &, Side Together &, Touch & Touch, Point & Point
1-2-&¼ Turn L stepping L out to L, Step R beside L, Step L in place (@ 12 o’clock)
3-4-&Step R out to R, Step L beside R, Step R beside L
5&6&Touch L toe fwd, Step back on L, Touch R toe fwd, Step back on R
7-&-8Touch L out to L, Step L next to R, Touch R out to R

Ready to cross R over L to start A….OR….Do a R hitch after 8 on count & to big step R to start B

AB, ABB, Short A, BB
A(front), B(back), A (front), B(back), B (front), Short A (back), B (front), B (back)

HAPPY DANCING…..OH, And it’s not that hard

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