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Anymore Cha

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Intermediate Cha Cha
Stephen Watson (AUS) - October 2018
We Don’t Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) - Charlie Puth : (Album: 9 Track Mind - Spotify / Amazon / iTunes)
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Start: Weight on Left foot, the song starts with the chorus, please start the dance on lyrics of the first verse (approx. 20 seconds in)
Anticlockwise line dance with 2 restarts,

And Step forward, walk, sweep, step side cross behind side rock right, rock left with a ¼ turn right, step back, coaster cross rock
&1, 2, 3, 4&5,Step R slightly back (&) Step L slightly fwd, Step R forward sweeping L in front of R finishing with weight on L, Step R to R side, Cross L behind R (&), Rock R to R side.
6, 7, 8&1Rock L to L side take a ¼ turn R (3 o clock) , Step R back, Step L Back, Step Right next to Left (&), Cross rock L over R.

Recover back, ¼ turn L Walk, Pivot on R ½ turn L, Point R to R side, Drag, Side shuffle R.
2,3,4&5,Recover weight back on to R, take ¼ turn L walk forward L (12 o clock), Step fwd on R pivot ½ turn L (&) Point R to R side (6 o clock)
6,7,8&1Drag R towards L for 2 counts, Step R to R side, Step L next to R(&), Step R to R side.

Cross behind rock recover, full turn, point L to L side, drag, forward coaster.
2,3,4&5,Cross rock L behind R, recover weight fwd onto R, Step L slightly L take ¼ turn R (9 o clock), Taking a ½ turn R step fwd. R (&) (3 o’clock) , Taking a ¼ turn R point L to L Side. (6 o clock)
6, 7, 8&1Drag L towards R for 2 counts, Step fwd L, Step R next to L, Rock L back

Rock Recover, Hitch ½ turn, step forward, Samba, Cross L over R, Step R back***, ¼ turn L, Lock Shuffle.
2,3,4&5Recover weight fwd R, Hitch L knee taking 1/2turn R (12 o clock), step fwd L, Step R fwd, Step L to L side (&) Recover weight onto R.
6,7,8&1Cross step L over R, Step R back, take 1/4turn L step L fwd (9 o clock), Lock R behind L(&) , Step L fwd.

Walk forward ¼ turn L with hip roll, cross and sweep behind, cross step in front and back rock.
2,3,4&5Step fwd right take ¼ turn left on the balls of both feet while rolling hips anti clockwise (finish with weight on L)(6 o clock), Cross R in front of L, Step L slightly L (&) , Cross R behind L while sweeping L behind R.
6,7,8&1Step L behind R, Step R slightly to R, Cross step L over R, Step R slightly to R side (&) Rock L behind R. (end facing 5 o clock)

Recover weight forward, ½ turn walk back, Lock back, side rock, Lock back.
2,3,4&5Recover weight forward, take ½ turn R stepping back on L (end facing 11 o clock), Step R back, Cross L in front, Step R back.
6,7,8&1Step L to L side straightening up to 9 o’clock, Recover weight to R side, Step L back (face 7 o clock) cross R in front of L(&) Step L back.

Walk forward, lock behind, side rock, ¼ walk right, ½ pivot, step fwd.
2,3,4&5Change direction to 11 o’clock Stepping R forward, Step L forward , Lock R behind L, Step L slightly fwd (&), Rock R to R side straightening to 9 o clock.
6, 7, 8&1Recover weight onto L, take 1/4turn R step fwd. (12 o clock) , Step L fwd ½ pivot R (&) step fwd. L. (6 o clock)

Side Rock, Recover, lock fwd R, 1/4 turn L Side lunge R while pointing L to L side, recover weight onto L taking ¾ turn L on balls of feet finish with feet together with weight on L.
2,3,4&5Rock R to R swaying hips to R, Recover weight to the L swaying hips to the L, Step fwd R, Lock L behind R (&), Take a ¼ turn L (3 o clock), Lunge R to R side while pointing L to L side.
6,7,8Hold L point for 1 count, Recover weight on to L touch R next to L, on balls of both feet while make a ¾ turn to the L finishing with weight on L (6 o clock)
Restart the dance

Restarts ***these take place at the same place in the dance on walls 2 and 5.
Instead of taking a ¼ turn to complete your lock shuffle on the L, simply take a half turn stepping forward on your L and restart with the & count on the R.
ENJOY! :o)

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