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Thank You

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Tina Argyle (UK) - October 2018
Thank You - Gary Perkins & The Breeze
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Music available as a free download from -

Count In : 32 counts start dancing as Gary sings “back”

Fwd Tap, Back Tap, Back Tap, Step Fwd, Brush. Shuffle Fwd. Step ¼ Cross
1&Diagonally step fwd right, tap left at the side of right
2&Diagonally step back left, tap right at side of left
3&4Diagonally step back right, tap left at side of right, Diagonally step fwd left
5&6Step fwd right, close left at side of right, step fwd right
7&8Step fwd left make ¼ turn right onto right, cross left over right 3 o’clock

Reverse Rumba Box. Rocking Chair. Shuffle Fwd
1&2Step right to right, side close left at side of right, step back right
3&4Step left to left, side step right at side of left, step fwd left
5&6Rock fwd right recover, rock back right recover
7&8Step fwd right, close left at side of right, step fwd right

Step Fwd Tap Back Kick, Shuffle Back. Coaster Step, Shuffle Fwd
1&2&Step fwd left, tap right behind left heel, step back back low kick left fwd
3&4Step back left, close right at side of left, step back left
5&6Step back right, step back left, step forward right
7&8Step fwd left, close right at side of left, step fwd left

Step ¼ Cross. Cross ½ Hinge Turn Cross. Side Rock Cross, Side Rock Step Together.
1&2Step fwd right, make ¼ turn left onto left, cross right over left 12 o’clock
3&4Make ¼ turn right stepping back left, make ¼ turn right stepping right to ride side, cross left over right 6 o’clock
5&6Rock right to right side recover, cross right over left
7&8Rock left to left side recover, step left at side of right

Dedicated to Gary Perkins & The Breeze……... Thank You for the music x

21 MAR '20 50


dancer33 October 24, 2018
I love the sentiment of why you have choreographed to this lovely song...... a definite teach for me xx

Pony Chen October 26, 2018

OLDSALTY October 26, 2018
Yes Thank You Tina This will be getting a teach tomorrow here in Talsarnau .Wales and then again at The Rusty Bullet CMC Newcastle. Staffs next Saturday evening Vicky Moult

LouiseG November 1, 2018
Taught this dance at our Halloween social, went very well, and the dancers then did it again with the band.

dl November 2, 2018
Cute dance, but I'd call it 64 counts. Well done!

Nicola November 2, 2018
Great dance to lovely music.

EllieMae November 6, 2018
Taught this dance last night and it was given the thumbs up from everyone. In fact, we danced it three times!!! Won't be long before we know all the words of the song. Lol.

Nigel H (Spain) November 14, 2018
Taught this in Oliva, Spain and it was well received. A lovely catchy dance. THANK YOU TINA and thanks to Gary for this heartfelt but uplifting song.

Massselot February 13, 2019
Is there any alternative music? In France, we are obliged to buy the music on which we dance.This one is not found; neither iTunes nor Amazon

LouiseG February 13, 2019
Hi Massselot - The music is FREE it is a download from Gary Perkins website. Hope this helps

Massselot February 13, 2019
Well received your answer. Thank you so much. cordially

dl June 27, 2019
Download song here

Sandkruser June 6, 2023
As a person who learned this dance when it came out in 2018 and loved it and then was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022, this song has a new meaning to me. What a great message. As what I hope is a cancer survivor, I plan to dance this many times in the future.

Thank you, Tina, for such a beautiful dance to an even more beautiful song.

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