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Bring it on Over for 2 (P)

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Beginner / Improver Partner
Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton - October 2018
Bring It on Over - Billy Currington
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Sweetheart Position, Same footwork, Men’s footwork noted
Restart: During 3rd sequence and after the 3rd 8 count
[1 – 8] Walk L, Walk R, (Lady, full turn L, R) Shuffle L, Sway R, Sway L, And Touch L, and touch R,
1-2Walk L, Walk R, (Lady: full turn L, R)
3&4Shuffle Left (L-R-L)
5-6Sway Right, Sway Left
&7&8 &step on R, touch left toe to L, & step on left, touch right toe to R
[9 – 16] Rock fwd R, Recover L, Shuffle back R, Coaster step, Shuffle R
1-2Rock fwd Right, Recover Left
Lady; Step pivot Right with ½ turn
3&4Shuffle back Right (R-L-R)
5&6Coaster Step Left (L-R-L)
7&8Shuffle fwd Right (R-L-R)

Hands: Count 1 release lady’s left hand. Count 3 pick up lady’s left hand
[17-24] ¼ turn R (facing OLOD), Step L to Left, Right behind, Side Shuffle L, ½ Turn L (facing ILOD), Step R to right, Step Left behind, Shuffle side Right
1-2Step left to left, Step Right behind left
3&4Side Shuffle Left (L-R-L)
5-6½ turn L (facing ILOD), Step right to Right, and Step Left behind Right
7&8Shuffle side Right (R-L-R)
**Restart: Will happen after counts 7&8 in the 3rd sequence

[25-32] Step pivot L (ILOD), Shuffle L (OLOD), Pivot step R, ¼ turn L (LOD), Shuffle R
1-2Step pivot L (ILOD), step on R
3&4Shuffle Left L-R-L, (OLOD)
5-6Step pivot R ¼ turn (LOD)
7&8Shuffle R (R-L-R)
Hands: On count 1 release left hands - On count 3 pick up left hands
Rick Hobbs …
Gail Eaton:


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