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I Believe In You

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Guylaine Bourdages (CAN) - October 2018
I Believe in You - Ward Thomas : (Album: Restless Minds)
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Intro: 16 counts

[1-8] RF Kick Ball Change, Stomp, Clap, LF Kick Ball Change, Stomp, Clap
1-2RF Kick Forward (1), RF close of LF (&), Transfer weight on LF (2)
3-4RF Stomp Forward (3), Clap (4)
5&6LF Kick Forward (5), LF close of RF (&), Transfer weight on RF (6)
7-8LF Stomp Forward (7), Clap (8)

[9-16] RF Rocking Chair, RF Heel Grind, RF cross Behind LF, LF to Left
1-4RF Forward (1), Recover on LF (2), RF Back (3), Recover on LF (4)
5-6Heel Grind Right Heel Forward (5), LF to Left (6)
7-8RF cross Behind LF (7), LF to Left (8)
RESTART HERE on walls 2 (3H) – 6 (12) – 9 (6H) -11 (9H)

[17-24] RF Stomp Forward, Toe Fan (Out, In, Out), LF Stomp Forward, Toe Fan (Out, In, Out)
1-4Stomp RF Forward (1), Move the point of your RF Out (2), In (3), Out (4) (Finish with the weigh on the RF)
5-8Stomp LF Forward (5), Move the point of your LF Out (6), In (7), Out (8) (Finish with the weigh on the LF)

[25-32] RF Jazz Box 1/4R and Weave to the right
1-4RF Cross in front of LF (1), LF back with 1/4R (2), RF to Right (3), LF cross in front of LF (4) (9H)
5-8RF to right (5), LF cross behind RF (6), RF to right (7), LF beside RF (8)

RESTART AFTER 16 COUNTS ON WALLS 2 (3H) – 6 (12) – 9 (6H) -11 (9H) ( Very Very Easy to hear them)

THANK YOU to dance my choreographies and to add them to your playlists ..
That's the best gift that a choreographer can receive from you.
With GRATITUDE Guylaine xx

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