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Down 2 The Honkytonk (aka Bats**t On Tequila) (P)

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Easy Intermediate Pattern / Partner
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - November 2018
Down to the Honkytonk - Jake Owen
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Start facing line of dance in sweetheart (cape) position
Same footwork throughout

Toe heel stomp, ¼ turn side shuffle, Behind side cross, ¼ turn shuffle forward
1&2Touch R toe, Touch R heel, Stomp R forward
3&4Turn ¼ R side shuffling LRL (facing OLOD)
5&6Step R behind L, Step L to side, CrossR over L
7&8Turn ¼ turn L shuffling forward L R L (facing LOD)

Step, Lock, Step (4 times moving forward)
1&2Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward
3&4Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward
5&6Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward
7&8Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward

Side rock cross, Side rock cross, Shuffle forward, Shuffle ½ turn
1&2Rock side R, Recover L, Cross R over L
3&4Rock side L, Recover R, Cross L over R
5&6Shuffle forward R L R
7&8Shuffle ½ turn R stepping L R L (facing BLOD)

Back coaster step, Shuffle forward, ½ chase turn, Shuffle forward
1&2Step back R, Step L beside R, Step R forward (to back line of dance)
3&4Shuffle forward L R L (to back line of dance)
5&6Step forward R, ½ turn L stepping forward L (facing LOD), Step forward R
7&8Shuffle forward L R L

Begin Again

(The dance will end with a stomp, hold on count 31 & 32)



LineDance4You April 16, 2019
Fun partner dance! Love that you can do it with or without a partner, which makes it appeal to my line-only dancers. Good job Barb & Dave!

Thegecher November 12, 2021
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