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Desperate Man

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Doug Mazzola (USA) - November 2018
Desperate Man - Eric Church
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Intro: 16ct. 1 Restart wall 3 after first 16cts

( 1-8 ) Walk, Walk, Syncopated Rocking Chair, Heel Switches, Walk, Walk
1,2,3&4&Walk, Walk R,L forward, Syncopated rocking Chair RF, ending with weight on left
5&6&,7,8Rt Heel, Lft Heel, Walk, Walk R,L (12:00)

( 9-16 ) Step Forward, ¼ Turn Left, Crossing Shuffle, Shuffle ¼ Turn Left, Rock Forward Recover
1,2,3&4Step forward on RT, ¼ turn left onto LFT foot, cross Rt over Lft into Crossing Shuffle (9:00)
5&6,7,8Shuffle 1/4 turn left, Rock forward onto RT, recover back onto left (6:00)
Restart here on wall 3

( 17-24 ) Walk Walk backwards w/ Toe Fans, ½ Shuffle Turn RT, Step ¼ turn RT, Step ¼ turn RT
1,2Step RT foot back flaring LF out to Lft – step LF back flaring RF out to RT (6:00)
3&4Shuffle ½ turn over RT shoulder (12:00)
5,6Step LF forward, Step ¼ turn RT onto RT foot (3:00)
7,8Step LF forward, Step ¼ turn RT onto RT foot (6:00)

(25-32) Cross Side Heel and Cross Side Heel and Step forward on LFT, Step RT alongside Lft, Stomp, Clap
1&2&Cross Lft over Rt foot, Rt Foot to side, Lft heel forward angle Lft, Step Lft foot alongside Rt foot
3&4&Cross Rt over Lft foot, Lft Foot to side, Rt heel forward, Step down onto Rt foot
5,6,7,8Step forward on Lft foot,Step Rt foot next to Lft foot, Stomp Lft foot down, Clap (6:00)

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