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Everyday Is Christmas

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Wil Bos (NL) & Hyunji Chung (KOR) - December 2018
Everyday Is Christmas - Do : (CD: Single 2004)
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Info: Intro 18 counts - Tag after wall 8

Side, Switch 1/4 Turn L With Knee Pop, Lockstep, Rock Forward, Recover, Full Triple Turn
1-2RF. Step Side – LF. Touch beside RF –
3RF & LF. Switch weight to RF with ¼ turn left & pop knee RF fwd take weight on LF (9:00)
4&5RF. Step Fwd – LF. Lock behind RF – RF. Step fwd
6-7LF. Rock Fwd – RF. Recover
8&1Full Tripple Turn left L,R,L (9.00)

Rockstep, Recover, Anchor Step Back, Touch, Side Shuffle 1/4 Turn R
2-3RF. Step Fwd – LF. Recover
4&5RF. Step Back – LF. Lock in front RF on place – RF. Step in place
6-7LF. Step back – RF. Touch toe beside L
8&1RF. Step to right – LF. Close beside RF – RF. 1/4 Step fwd R (12:00)
Step ¾ Turn Right, Side Shuffle, Cross Behind, 1/4 L Step Forward, Rockstep, Recover ¼ L
2-3LF. Step fwd – LF & RF ¾ R (9:00)
4&5LF. Step to left – RF. Close beside LF – LF. Step to Left
6&7RF. Cross behind L – LF. 1/4 turn L step fwd – RF. Step fwd (6:00)
8&1LF. Rock fwd – RF. Recover - LF step ¼ to left side (3:00)

Cross, Side, Cross Shuffle & Sweep, Cross Point, Cross Behind, Step
2-3RF. Cross over L – LF. Step to L
4&5RF. Cross over LF – LF. Step to L – RF. Cross over LF
6-7LF. Cross over R – RF. Point right side
8&RF. Cross behind LF - LF. Step to left side (3.00)

TAG: After Wall 8 (12:00)
Side Rock, Cross Rock Back, Recover, Side Shuffle, Cross Rock Back ,Recover, Side, Together
1-2-3RF. Side rock R – LF. Cross behind RF – RF. Recover
4&5LF. Step to left – RF. Close beside LF – LF. Step to Left
6-7RF. Cross behind LF – LF. Recover
8&RF. Step right side - LF close beside RF (restart)


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