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90s Country

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High Improver
Laurie Schlekeway-Burkhardt (USA) & Joey Westervoorde - December 2018
90's Country - Walker Hayes
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[1-8]: Cross, heal jack, and cross, pause, quick, quick, pause
1-4Cross right over left (1), step down on left (&), kick right heel up to 1 o’clock (2), step down on right (&), cross left over right facing 1 o’clock (3), pause (4)
&5-8step down on right still facing1-2 o’clock (&), step down on left (5), step down on right (&), step down on left (6), step forward on right (7), at the 3 o’clock, push off and make a half turn to right hooking your right foot around your left shin (8) now facing 9 o’clock

[1-8]: Walk slow 2x’s, quick, quick, hip roles
1-4Step forward on right, walk slow (1-2), step forward on left, walk slow (3-4)
5-8Walk forward on right (5), walk forward on left (6), step right next to left rolling hips left (7), rolling hips right (8)

[1-8]: Rock out, and slide, and ¼ turn to right, prissy steps
1-4&Rock right foot out to right side (1), step back down on left (2), step in place on right (&), step out to left side (3), slide right next to left (4), step down on right (&)
5-8Making ¼ turn to right (now facing front wall), prissy walk left (5), right (6), left (7), right (8)

[1-8]: Rock left, recover, and slide right, and slide right, left hitch hook making ¼ turn to left, walk left, walk right
1-4&Rock out to the left (1), recover on the right (2), step down on the left (&), step right out to the side (3) hold (4), step down on left (&)
5-8Step right out to right side (5), step down on right, hooking left foot in front of right making ¼ turn to left (6), walk forward left (7), walk forward right (8)

[1-8]: Toe point crosses, jazz box making ¼ turn to left
1-4Point left toe out to left side (1), cross left foot over right and step down (2), point right toe out to right side (3), step right foot slightly in front of left (4)
5-8Cross right foot over left (5), stepping back on the right, make a ¼ turn to left (6), step left next to right (7), step right foot slightly forward (8)

[1-8]: Shimmy toe struts, toe, heel, triple step
1-4While shimmying your shoulders, toe strut right (1), step down on right (2), toe strut left (3), step down on left (4)
5-8Turn right toe into left foot (5), turn right toe out and kick your right heel (6), triple in place right (7), step down on left (&), step down on right (8)

[1-4]: Toe, heel, triple step
1-4Repeat that last move now on your left – turn left toe into right foot (1), turn left toe out to left and kick your left heel (2), triple in place left (3), step down on right (&), step down on left (4)

Repeat dance.

This is a funny count dance, so even though 52 counts gets you through the first chorus well, it’s not exact throughout the dance. But still a fun energy dance!


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