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High Beginner
Pat Stott (UK) - January 2019
Codigo - George Strait
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Commence after approx. 6 seconds on vocals

Weave right, side, recover, cross, weave left, side, recover, cross
1&2&.Right to right, left behind, right to right, cross left over right
3&4.Rock right to right, recover on left, cross right over left
5&6&.Left to left, right behind left, left to left, cross right over left
7&8.Rock left to left, recover on right, cross left over right
** Restart here during wall 3 (facing 6 o’clock)

Reverse rumba, rocking chair, 1/2 pivot left, stomp, stomp
1&2.Right to right, close left to right, back on right
3&4.Left to left, close right to left, forward on left
5&6&.Rock forward on right, recover on left, Rock back on right, recover on left
7&8&.Step forward on right, 1/2 pivot left, stomp forward on right, stomp left next to right

Lock step forward, 1/2 pivot right, step, lock step forward, 1/4 mambo left
1&2.Forward on right, lock left behind right, forward on right
3&4.Forward on left, 1/2 pivot right, step forward on left
5&6.Forward on right, lock left behind right, forward on right
7&8.Rock forward on left, recover on right, turn 1/4 left stepping left to left

2x Vaudevilles, mambo forward, coaster cross
1&2&.Cross right over left, left to left, touch right heel forward to right diagonal, close right to left
3&4&.Cross left, over right, right to right, touch left heel forward to left diagonal, close left to right
5&6.Rock forward on right, recover on left, step right slightly back
7&8.Back on left, close right to left, cross left over right

**Restart on wall 3 after section 1
Section 2
1&2.Right to right, close left to right, back on right
3&4.Left to left, close right to left, turn 1/4 left to face front, step right to right
(taaa daaa!)

12 APR '20 50


Pony Chen January 8, 2019

hopalong January 11, 2019
Fun dance, brill music,,what's not to like

Maika January 13, 2019
Love the song. Another great dance from Pat Stott!

Tiptoes January 16, 2019
Nice little dance Pat, Mike Hitchen taught it last night

MTW January 16, 2019

EllieMae January 29, 2019
Good to see (and feel) the fun coming back into line dancing. Thumbs up from my class.

Gary Lafferty February 7, 2019
Great wee dance Pat - just what we need more of! Big hit with me & my class.

Joey February 8, 2019
cute and lively, I only saw one demo/tutorial which performed the section 2 stomp, stomp properly.
Most are turning and doing two walks instead of stomp, then stomp together as written in the sheet.

Pat, have you made a demo? or which one do you recommend?

hopalong February 9, 2019
I go to Pats class every week and was in the first group she taught the dance and the stomps were included as on the step sheet,and in on every one of her classes since

Totty February 9, 2019
Hi Joey
The stomps should be in place not moving forward. I will record a video ASAP.
Many thanks Hopalong for replying to Joey

Thank you to everyone who has taught it and for your lovely comments

Riverside February 10, 2019
Great dance Pat...taught it to my class in Laughlin, NV...they love it. Will teach it at the Wilderness Festival in Menifee, CA, in March.

prbruce57 March 26, 2019
Love this dance

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