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Day Drunk

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Tracy Pywell (AUS) & Jo Rosenblatt (AUS) - January 2019
Day Drunk - Morgan Evans : (Album: Things That We Drink To - iTunes - 3:14)
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Intro: 8 beats (start on ‘champagne’) Counter Clockwise
Original Position: Feet together with weight on left foot.
Forward, Lock, Step-Lock-Step, Forward, Lock, Step-Lock-Step
1 2Step R forward on right diagonal, Lock L behind right (1:30)
3&4Step R forward on right diagonal, Lock L behind right, Step R forward on right diagonal
5 6Step L forward on left diagonal, Lock R behind left (10:30)
7&8Step L forward on left diagonal, Lock R behind left, Step L forward on left diagonal

Forward, Rock, Shuffle Back, Back, Rock, Shuffle Forward
1 2(Straightening up to the front wall) Step R forward, Rock back onto L (12:00)
3&4Shuffle back: Step R back, Step L beside right, Step L back (Shuffle back)
5 6Step L back, Rock forward onto R
7&8Step L forward, Step R beside left, Step L forward (Shuffle forward)

Step, Pivot, Step, Paddle, Cross, Side, Sailor Step
1 2Step R forward, Turn 180° left step L forward (6:00)
3 4Step R forward, Turn 90° left step L to left (3:00)
5 6Cross R over left, Step L to left
7&8Step R behind left, Step L to left, Step R to right

Cross, Side, Behind-Side-Cross, Side-Rock-Cross, ¼, ¼ Hook
1 2Cross L over right, Step R to right
3&4Step L behind right, Step R to right, Cross L over right
5&6** Step R to right, Rock/Recover onto L, Cross R over left **
7 8## Turn 90 ° right step L back, Turn 90° right (on the spot) hook R foot across left knee (9:00) ##

Forward Coaster, Back Touch, Back Coaster, ¼, Touch
1&2Step R forward, Step L beside right, Step R back
3 4Step L back, Touch R beside left
5&6Step R back, Step L beside right, Step R forward
7 8Turn 90° right step L to left, Touch R beside left (12:00)

Side, Behind, ¼, Step, Pivot, ¼, Behind, ¼ (Modified Figure of 8)
1-4Step R to right, Step L behind right, Turn 90° right step R forward, Step L forward (3:00)
5 6Turn 180°right step R forward, Turn 90° right step L to left (12:00)
7 8Step R behind left, Turn 90° left step L forward (9:00)

RESTART: Wall 5 after Count 32 ## facing 9 o’clock.
FINISH: Wall 7 after Count 30** add the following 2 counts to finish at the front wall.
1 2Turn 90° right step L back, Touch R toe across in front of left foot

Please feel free to copy this sheet provided that no changes are made to the original script.
Tracy Pywell 0418 710 920
Jo Rosenblatt 0417 074 218


step5678 January 12, 2019
Hello, I love this dance. I will be teaching it at a 5280 Line Dancers Mini-workshop in Colorado! Let's Dance!!!

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