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Feels Like Paradise

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Easy Intermediate
Helen Hiiemäe (EST) - August 2018
(1-8) 2x step forward (R,L), back rock with flick, 2x step forward, out-out-in-in
1-2R forward, L forward
3-4R back, L recover with R flick
5-6R forward, L forward
&7&8R out - L out, R in - L in
(9-16) Rock step, 1/4 right shuffle, touch forward-side, 1/2 left sailor cross
1-2R step forward, L recover
3-4R 1/4 right side, L together, R right side
5-6Touch L forward, touch L left side
7&81/4 turn left stepping L back, 1/4 turn left stepping R together, L across R
Restart on wall 4 and 8
(17-24) 1/2 turn right, L forward, anchor back, L together, R kick with snap, 1/2 unwind left
1-21/2 turn right (weight on R), L forward
3&4R behind L, L step in place, R step back
5-6L together, R kick forward with snaps
7-8R across L, 1/2 unwind turn left (weight on R)
(25-32) L Behind, R side, shuffle left, R kick diagonal left-right, L back, R together
1-2L behind R, R right side
3&4L left side, R together, L left side
5-6R kick forward left diagonal, R kick forward right diagonal
7-8R back, L together
Start again!
Restarts: on wall 4 and 8 after 16 count
Ending: R forward and 1/2 turn left (weight on R)


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