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Let Me Down Slowly

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Julia Wetzel (USA) - January 2019
Intro: 8 counts, Start dance right before start of lyrics (7 sec. into track)
Note: No Tags or Restarts
[1 – 8] Back, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, ¼ L, Step, Lock, Step, Step, Touch, ¾ R Unwind
1, 2&Step R back sweeping L to back (1), Step L behind R (2), Step R to right side (&) 12:00
3, 4&Rock L over R (3), Recover on R (4), ¼ Turn left step L fw (&) 9:00
5&6&Step R fw to right diag. (5), Lock L behind R (&), Step R fw to right diag. (6), Step L fw to left diag. (&) 9:00
7, 8Touch R behind L (7), Unwind ¾ turn right weight on R (8) 6:00
[9 – 16] Side, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Hitch, Behind, 1¼ L, Step, Pivot ½ L, ½ L
1&2&Step L to left side (1), Step R behind L (&), Step L to left side (2), Cross rock R over L (&) 6:00
3, 4Recover on L and hitch R (3), Step R behind L (4) 6:00
5&6¼ Turn left step L fw (5), ½ Turn left step R back (&), ½ Turn left step L fw (6)
Easy Option (5&6) ¼ Turn left shuffle: L R L 3:00
7&8Step R fw (7), Pivot ½ Turn left weight on L (&), ½ Turn left step R back (8) 3:00
Easy Option (7&8) R Mambo: Rock R fw (7), Recover L (&), Step R back (8)
[17- 24] Side Rock, Behind, Side Rock, Behind, Kick, Back, Back Rock, Tap, Tap, Kick, Ball, Step
Optional Styling: On even walls (2, 4, 6) emphasize the “Down” motion with heavy Rock/Tap
1&2&Rock L to left side “Down” (1), Recover on R (&), Step L behind R (2), Rock R to right side “Down” (&) 3:00
3&4&Recover on L (3), Step R behind L (&), Kick L fw (4), Step L slightly back (&) 3:00
5&6&Rock back on R “Down” (5), Recover on L (&), Tap R next to L “Down” (6), Tap R next to L “Down” (&) 3:00
7&8Kick R fw (7), Step ball of R next to L (&), Step L fw (8) 3:00
[25 – 32] Step, Tap, Back, Sailor ¾ R, ¼ R Out, Out, In, In, Step, ½ L Hook
1&2Step R fw (1), Tap L behind R (&), Step L back sweeping R to back (2) 3:00
3&4, 5&Step R behind L (3), ½ Turn right step L fw (&), ¼ Turn right step R fw (4), ¼ Turn right step L to left side (5), Turn right step R to right side (&) 3:00
Note: Dance the Sailor into the Out-Out as a continuous turn. Use the sweep behind motion in the Sailor to generate rotation.
Easy Option (3&4) R Coaster: Step R back (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R fw (4) then Out L, Out R
6&Step L back to center (6), Step R next to L (&) 3:00
7, 8Step L fw (7), ½ Turn left on L sweeping R into a hitch, use the sweep & hook motion to aid in your rotation (8) 9:00



Happy Feeet January 23, 2019
Our class will learn this beautiful, well choreographed dance today.
You've done it again, Julia. Excellent choice of music as well.

Julia1wetzel January 24, 2019
Thank you Happy Feeet for teaching my dance so quickly and I'm thrilled that your class enjoyed it. :)

Happy Feeet January 24, 2019
Every dancer loves it ! They are your truest fans, Julia.
It will be on our next social dance playlist as favorites.

Al McGee January 24, 2019
I have just watched this dance for the second time and I must say your choreography is very unique and inspiring. It's as though you are painting a picture. It is very elegant and far beyond the scope of just line dancing. It is a true work of art and I can only hope to appreciate the feelings you have tried to encompass in the dance. Bravo! Well Done.

Julia1wetzel January 25, 2019
I'm beyond flattered by your comments on my dance Al McGee. I really appreciate the positive feedback and thank you very much for your encouraging words on my choreography. <3 xx

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