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You Always Make Me Feel Good

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Tonnie Vos (NL) - January 2019
You Always Make Me Feel Good - Ted en Helen
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Chasse r, rock bkw, recover, shuffle fw, step fw, ¼ pivot left, touch
1&2RF step right, LF beside rf, RF step right
3-4LF rock bkw, RF recover
5&6LF step fw, RF beside lf, LF step fw
7&8RF step fw, RF + LF ¼ turn left, RF touch beside lf
Cross rock, recover, chasse, cross rock, recover chasse ¼ turn left
1-2RF rock across lf, LF recover
3&4RF step right , LF beside rf, RF step right
5-6LF rock across rf, RF recover
7&8LV step left, RF beside lf, LF ¼ turn left step fw *
Rock fw, recover, shuffle ½ turn r, step fw, ¼ pivot r, cross shuffle
1-2RF rock fw, LF recover
3&4RF ¼ turn right, LF beside rf, RF ¼ turn right
5-6LF step fw, LF + RF ¼ pivot right
7&8LF across rf, RF step right, LF across rf
Step r, heeljack into jazzbox, touch beside
1-2&RF step right, LF beside rf, RF little step bkw
3&4LF diagonal heel dig, LF beside rf, RF across lf
5-6LF step backwards, RFstep right
7-8LF step fw, RF touch beside lf
*Ending wall 8 dance block 1 and 2 then step fw ¼ turn left


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