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Let Me Down Slowly

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Stina-Eliza Sild - January 2019
Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin
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Intro : 06 seconds, starts with word This night...

Body roll to R , R point, weave and cross, unwind, R sweep, cross, step R to right, step L behind R, 1/4 step to
1&press R to right diagonal while doing body roll(1), bring weight to L(&)
2point R to right diagonal ( in the air)
3&4step R behind L(3),step L to left side(&), cross R over L and unwind doing full turn(4)
5step L fwd(5)
6&7sweep R fwd. and cross R over L(6), step L back(&), step R to right side(7)
8&step L behind R (12.00)(8), step R 1/4 to right (15.00)(&)

L step , R step, L rock , step together, step back R,L(5-6), run backwards R,L(7&), R step fwd
1step L fwd (15.00)
2step R fwd
3&4rock fwd on L, turn your head to the left side(weight on L)(3), bring weight on R(&), step L next to R(4)
5step R back
6step L back
7&run back R, L
8&step R fwd(8), weight back to L(&)

L sweep, L over R, step R back, L next to R, R sweep, R behind L, L to left, step R fwd, L rock, step together, 1/2 turn
1step R fwd and L sweep fwd
2&step L over R(2), step R back(12.00)(&)
3bring L next to R while doing R sweep(from front ot back)facing 12.00
4&5step R behind L(4), step L to left side(&), step R fwd(5)
6&L rock fwd(6), weight back to R(&)
7step L next to R
81/2 turn with legs together(on toes)(over L shoulder)

R back, L fwd, R fwd, hold, cross L over R, hold, unwind full turn
1step R back (weight on R) and turn your head to the sky
2step L fwd
3step R fwd.
5cross L over R
7,8unwind full turn(over R shoulder)(on 8 weight on L)


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