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Dance With A Stranger

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Improver Cha Cha
Adrian Lefebour (AUS) - January 2019
Dancing with a Stranger - Sam Smith & Normani : (2:51)
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Notes: 16 count intro from the start of the song

[1-9] Step R, Cross/Rock L, Replace R, Chasse L 1/4 Turn L, R Fwd, 1/2 Pivot L, Lock/Step R Fwd
1-3Step R to R side, Cross/Rock L over R, Replace weight back on R
4&5Step L to L side, Step R beside L, Step L fwd turning 1/4 turn L (9.00)
6,7Step R fwd, Pivot 1/2 turn L (weight on L) (3.00)
8&1Step R fwd, Lock/Step L behind R, Step R fwd (3.00)
[10-17] Step L, Replace R, Back Lock/Step, 1/4 Turn R, Touch L, 1/2 Turn Triple Step
2,3Step L Fwd, Replace weight back on R
4&5Step L back, Lock/Step R over L, Step L back
6,7Step R to R side turning 1/4 turn R, Touch L toe next to R (6.00) (RESTART)
8&1Step L fwd turning 1/4 turn L, 1/4 turn L step fwd on ball of R foot, Step L in place (12.00)

[18-25] Step R Across, Step L Side, R Sailor Step, Step L Behind, Step R Side, Cross Samba
2,3Step R Across L, Step L to L side
4&5Step R behind L, Step L to L, Step R slightly to R (R Sailor Step)
6,7Step L behind R, Step R to R side
8&1Cross L over R, Step R to R, Step L in place
[26-32] Cross R, Hitch L, Lock/Step L Fwd, 3/4 Pivot L, Step R Side, Step L next to R
2,3Cross Step R over L, Hitch L (keeping body at 12.00 wall)
4&5Step L fwd, Lock/Step R behind L, Step L fwd
6,7Step R fwd, Pivot 3/4 turn L (weight on L) (3.00)
8&Step R to R side, Step L next to R (weight on L)
RESTART – Wall 4 – Dance to count 15 then step L fwd turning 3/8 turn L, step R fwd to start dance again at 9.00 wall.
Note: This is the same wall you started before the restart.
FINISH – Wall 9 – Dance right to the end and step R to R side to finish at 12.00 wall.
Adrian Lefebour – 0412 207 745 -


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