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Jennifer Jones (USA) - January 2019
joy. - for KING & COUNTRY
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Begin dance on “fire, Fire” in the lyrics (24 seconds in)

Section 1: Point, Point, sailor shuffle x2, with ¼ turn left
1,2R foot point forward, R foot point right
3&4R foot cross behind L foot, L foot step left, R foot step right
5,6L foot point forward, L foot point left
7&8L foot cross behind R foot with ¼ turn, step R foot to right, L foot step left

Section 2: Weave left, cross & cross, ¼ turn right * (Alternate- Traveling full turn to left)
1,2,3,4R foot cross over L , L foot step left, R foot step behind L foot, L foot step left
5&6cross R foot over L foot, x2
7,8L foot step left, Pivot ¼ turn right, R foot step forward

Section 3: Step Point x2, Rock recover, coaster step
1,2L foot step forward, R foot point right
3,4R foot step forward, L foot point left
5,6L foot step forward, rock back on R foot
7&8L foot step back, R foot step next to L foot, L foot step forward

Section 4: Step ½ turn, kickball change, swaying 4x while ¼ turn Left
1,2R foot step forward, pivot ½ turn left (weight goes to L foot)
3&4kick R foot forward, step R foot beside L foot, step onto L foot in place
5,6,7,8¼ turn Left in 4 swaying steps, R,L,R,L

Begin dance again

*(Alternate: 1,2,3,4 R foot cross over L foot, L foot step left, R foot, ½ turn (counter clockwise), L foot ½ turn right (counter clockwise) while traveling left)

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This step sheet cannot be altered without written permission.

Thank- you and enjoy the dance.



chickady February 4, 2019
Love this dance and song. Great job Jen!

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