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C' est la vie

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Roy Hoeben (NL) - February 2019
C'est La Vie - Soulbox
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Restart on wall 10 after section 2
Intro: 32 counts (approx. 16sec)

(1-8) ¼ turn right Step right point left, lockstep forward, 2x step turn ¼ left.
1-2RF ¼ turn right step right, LF point left snap right hand back.
3&4LF step forward, RF lock behind LF, LF step forward.
5-6RF step forward, LF ¼ turn left.
7-8RF step forward, LF ¼ turn left.

(9-16) Walk-walk, right rock step, right step forward, rock left forward, ¼ turn left , 2x clap.
1-2RF step forward, LF step forward.
3&4RF rock right side, recover weight on left, RF step forward.
5-6Lf rock forward, recover weight on right.
7&8LF ¼ turn left step left, clap, clap.

(17-24) Walk-walk, step turn ½ left, walk- walk, step turn ½ right.
1-2RF ⅛ turn left step forward, LF step forward.
3&4RF step forward, LF ½ turn left close RF, RF step forward.
5-6LF step forward, RF step forward.
7&8LF step forward, RF ⅝ turn right close LF, LF step left.

(25-32) Point, step right, point, step left, sailorstep, point back, ½ turn left.
1-2RF point left diagonale forward, RF step right.
3-4LF point right diagonale back, LF step left.
5&6RF cross behind LF, LF step left, RF step right.
7-8LF point back, LF ½ turn left.

Last Update - 9th Feb. 2019


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