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Look Around

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Sandra Speck (UK) & Cheryl Carter (UK) - February 2019
When I Look Around - Nancy Ann Lee
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#24 Count/Approx. 10 Sec Intro

Section 1: Left Drag, 1/4 Turn Right Sweep
123Step Left to Left side, drag Right to Left over two counts (as you dance counts 123, turn your head and look back over your Left shoulder to the words “Look Around’)
456Turn 1/4 Right stepping onto Right, sweep Left from back to front over two counts

Section 2: 1/4 Left Jazz, Right Touch In/Out/In
123Cross Left over Right, Step Right back, 1/4 Left turn stepping Left to Left side
456Right toe touches next to Left, out to side, next to Left (12:00)

Section 3: Chasse, Left Twinkle Step
123Step Right to Right side, close Left next to Right, step Right to Right side
456Cross Left over Right, step Right to Right side, step Left in place

Section 4: Twinkle 1/2 Turn, Cross Shuffle
123Cross Right over Left, make 1/4 turn Right stepping back Left, making 1/4 turn Right stepping Right to Right side
456Cross Right over Left, step Left to Left side, cross Right over Left

Section 5 Right Drag, Left Drag 1/4 Right Hook
123Step a long Right step to Right side, Left drags up to Right over two counts
456Step a long Left step to Left side, slide Right up to Left, turn 1/4 Right and hook

Section 6: Lock Step Forward, Step 1/2 Step
123Step Right forward, lock Left behind Right, step Right forward
456Step forward Left, make 1/2 turn Right stepping forward on Right, step forward Left

Section 7: Shuffle, Forward Rock, Step Back
123Step forward Right, close Left next to Right, step forward Right**
456Rock forward on Left, recover weight back on Right, step back on Left
**Alternative step option to the Right shuffle forward is a full turn over 2x1/2’s to the left and step forward Right**

Section 8 Coaster, Step Hold Step
123Step back on Right, close Left next to Right, step forward Right
456Step forward Left, hold, step forward Right

Start Again

You will finish the dance on the front wall, as the music finishes, make a last look back over your left shoulder and turn back to the front wall…..We hope you enjoy the dance xx


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