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Feeling Those Good Vibes

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Gwen Walker (USA) - February 2019
Good Vibes - Chris Janson
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#8 count intro after beat kicks in. 1 easy restart

[1-8] Skate R, L, R diagonal triple, Skate L, R, L diagonal triple
1-2Skate R at right diagonal , skate L at left diagonal
3&4Step R at (1:00), step L beside R, step R forward
5-6Skate L at left diagonal, skate R at right diagonal
7&8Step L at (11:00), step R beside L, step L forward

[9-16] Cross R over L, L back, ¼ turn R triple, L lead Jazz box
1-2Cross R over L, step L back ( 12:00)
3&4Step R ¼ turn to right (3:00), step L beside R, step R to right side.
5-8Cross L over R, step R back, step L to left side, step R slightly forward (3:00)

[17-24] L step ¼ turn cross, R side triple, L behind, side , cross, touch R out, in, out.
1&2Step L forward , turn ¼ right (&) weight on R, cross L over R (6:00)
3&4Step R to right side, step L beside R, step R to right side.
5&6Step L behind R, step R to right side, cross L over R
7&8Touch R, out to right side, touch R next to L, touch R out to right side (6:00)

[25-32] R behind, side, cross, touch L out, in, out, step L, ¼ Montrey
1&2Step R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over L
3&4&Touch L out to left side, touch L beside R, touch L to left side, step L beside R(6:00)
5-8Touch R out right side, turn ¼ right stepping R beside L(9:00), touch L to left side, step L beside R (9:00)

Easy Restart on Wall 3 ( facing 6:00), dance first 8 counts, Restart.

Have fun - Dance from the Heart with JOY!!!!

Thanks Jeff Huffman for step suggestion.

Contact: Gwen Walker:


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