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Intermediate NC2S
Gitte Plöger (DK) - February 2019
Irony - Christopher : (3:28)
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Intro – 16 counts (On vocals - approx. 13 sec.)

Music available from iTunes.

Section 1: Rock, recover, ½ turn right, rock, recover ½ turn left, step, ½ turn, step, ½ turn right, ¼ turn right
12&Rock fwd RF fwd (1), recover on LF (2), make a ½ turn right stepping fwd on RF (&)
34&Rock fwd LF (3), recover on RF (4), make a ½ turn left stepping fwd on LF (&)
567Step fwd RF (5), make ½ turn left (6) weight on LF, step fwd RF (7)
8&Make ½ turn R stepping LF back (8), make ¼ R stepping RF to right side

Section 2: Cross rock side, cross rock side, step, spiral full turn, step sweep, cross, side
12&Cross LF over R (1), recover on RF (2), step LF to left side (&)
34&Cross RF over L (3), recover on LF (4), step RF to right side (&)
567Step fwd LF (5), step fwd RF making a full spiral turn over L hitching left knee (6), step fwd LF sweeping your RF from back to front (7)
8&Cross RF over LF (8), step LF to left side (&)

Section 3: Back, back, ½ turn, step, cross sweep, ¼ diamond fall away, step, pivot ½ turn
12&Step back RF sweeping your LF from front to back (1), step LF back (2), make ½ turn R stepping fwd RF (&)
34&Step fwd LF sweeping RF from back to front (3), cross RF over LF (4), step back on LF making a 1/8 turn R to 10:30 (&)
567Step back on RF (5), step LF behind RF (6), make 1/8 turn R stepping RF to right side squaring Up to ( 12:00 )(7)
8&Make 1/8 turn to right diagonal (1:30) stepping LF fwd(8), pivot 1/2 turn right & (7:30)

Section 4: Cross rock side, cross rock ¼ turn, step ½ turn step, full turn L
12&Cross LF over RF (1), recover on RF (2), step LF to left side (&)
34&Cross RF over LF (3), recover on LF (4), make a ¼ turn R stepping fwd on RF (&)
567Step forward LF (5), and make a ½ turn right putting weight onto your RF (6), step forward LF (7)
8&make a ½ turn over L stepping RF back (8), make a ½ turn L stepping LF fwd (&)

**Restart** with step change during wall 2, finish the spiral full turn with the step/sweep (7), touch your RF next to LF on (8) and restart the dance facing 6 o’clock

ENDING! Last wall is wall no. 9 start facing 12 o’clock. Dance up to count 7 of section 1. Then step LF fwd (8) and pivot ½ turn right (6) pointing R toe to R side


Last Update - 3 March 2019


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