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Good Vibes

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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - March 2019
Feels Like Home by Sigala, Fuse ODG & Sean Paul
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Intro – 32 Counts, Approx. 15 Seconds From Start Of Track (No Tags or Restarts)

[1-8] Walk x2, Cha Cha Forward, Pivot ½ Turn R, Cha Cha Forward
1,2Walk Forward R, L
3&4Step RF forward, Close LF behind R, Step RF forward
5,6Step LF forward, Pivot ½ turn R placing weight on RF
7&8Step LF forward, Close RF behind L, Step LF forward

[9-16] Step Touch x2, ½ Turn Paddle L
1,2Step RF to R diagonal, Touch LF next to R
3,4Step LF to L diagonal, Touch RF next to L (Facing 6.00)
5,61/8 turn L Touch RF to R side, 1/8 turn L Touch RF to R side,
7,81/8 turn L Touch RF to R side, 1/8 turn L Touch RF to R side
(Facing 12.00, During the paddle turn, Roll arms in front of face over the 4 counts)

[17-24] Weave, Point, Weave, Point
1,2Cross RF over L, Step LF to L side
3,4Step RF behind L, Touch LF to L side (add style with a flick L)
5,6Cross LF over R, Step RF to R side
7,8Step LF behind R. Touch RF to R side (add style with a flick R)

[25-32] Touch x2, Cross & Cross, Step Touch, ¼ Turn R Step Touch
1,2Touch R toe cross L, Touch R toe to R side
3&4Cross RF over L, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over L
5,6Step LF to L side, Touch RF next to L (clap)
7,8¼ turn R stepping RF to R side, Close LF next to R (clap)

**Just For Fun… **
When you dance the 9.00 wall every time, I like to add in some noise and a little fun arm push during the first 8 counts.
1,2shimmy, counts 3&4 push both hand up & up as you shout O O (on the up movement) make your pivot ½ turn, then repeat the hand push up and the noise.
Also.. On the next section with the step touch, I like to add a little Dip of the hip and a click when you touch LF next to R and Repeat on other side, this leads into the arm roll on the paddle turn.

Don’t Forget Dance Is Supposed To Be Fun. Smile !!


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Ryan King March 5, 2019
Nice easy teach with a feel good vibe, added extras for fun are also a bonus.

Happy Feeet March 20, 2019
Fun Samba beat, choreography is lively. Class will like it, next teach tomorrow.

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