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Mother of Mine

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Beginner waltz
Kyung Hee Lee (KOR) - March 2019
Mother Of Mine - Hayley Westenra
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Intro: Start after 12 Count No Tag No Restart

Sec1: L Twinkle, R Twinkle
1-3Step L across R, rock step R to R side, recover weight L
4-6Step R across L, rock step L to L side, recover weight R

Sec2: L Twinkle, Turn 1/4 L, Weave L
1-3Step L across R, turn 1/4 L stepping back R, step L to L side
4-6Step R across L, step L to L side, step R behind L (9:00)

Sec3: Step L, Drag, Rolling Vine R Pose', Step R
1-3Large step L to L side, drag R toward L for 2counts
4-6Turn 1/4 R stepping R forward, turn 1/2 R stepping L Back and turn 1/4 R Pose' R
(weight on L, Pose : R knee is open to R side), step R to R side (9:00)

Sec4: Step L Diagonal, Hitch, Kick R forward, Basic Back
1-3Step L forward to R diagonal, hitch R, kick R forward (10:30)
4-6Step R back (straighten up to 9:00), step L beside R, step R in place (9:00)

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Last Update - 29 Jan 2022 R2


Hann21921 April 18, 2019
Admirable dance and superb choice of song!! Two thumbs up!! Many thanks for sharing this before Mother's Day is coming up.

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