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Come and Get Your Love

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Absolute Beginner
Kate Sala (UK), Guylaine Bourdages (CAN), Darren Bailey (UK) & Guillaume Richard (FR) - March 2019
Come and Get Your Love - Redbone : (Album: Single)
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Intro:16 counts

SECTION 1 [1-8] RF Forward (Hip Bump RLR), LF Forward (Hip Bump LRL), RF Rock Step Recover, Shuffle Back
1&2RF Forward (Hip Bump RLR)
3&4LF Forward (Hip Bump LRL)
5-6RF Forward, Recover on LF
7&8RF Back, LF beside RF, RF Back

SECTION 2 [9-16] LF Back (Hip Bumps LRL), RF Back (Hip Bumps RLR), LF Rock Step Recover, Shuffle forward
1&2LF back (Hip Bump LRL)
3&4RF Back (Hip Bump RLR)
5-6LF Back, Recover on RF
7&8LF Forward, RF beside LF, LF Forward

SECTION 3 [17-24] Step Turn 1/4L with Hip Roll (TWICE), Cross Point, Cross, Point
1-2RF Forward, Pivot 1/4L with Hip Roll (Finish weight on LF)
3-4RF Forward, Pivot 1/4L with Hip Roll (Finish weight on LF)
5-8RF cross in front of LF, Point LF to left, LF cross in front of RF, Point RF to right

SECTION 4 [25-32] Weave to the Left, Point LF to left (Hands up), JazzBox 1/4L with chassé to the left (LRL)
1-4RF cross in front of LF, LF to left, RF cross behind LF, Point LF to left (Put your 2 hands up)
5-6LF cross in front of RF, 1/4L RF back
7&8LF to left, RF beside LF, LF to left

***3 BABY TAGS After wall 3 (facing 9h) 6 (facing 6H) et 8 (Facing 12h)

Choreography done during (Les séjours Vacanciel Carqueiranne 2019)
Special Thank You to Eddy Olmo (Rusty Legs) for the proposition of the music .


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