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In The Six

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Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Joey Warren (USA) - March 2019
Body - Loud Luxury
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Notes: 1 Tag/1 Restart / 16 ct. intro
Ball Rock Recover-Ball Step Hitch Step, Coaster Cross, Side Tap and Tap
&-1-2Ball step back L, Rock fwd on R (drive R hip fwd as you do), Recover back on L
&3&4Ball step R back, Step L fwd, Hitch R knee fwd, Step back on R
5-&-6Step L back, Step R back beside L, Cross L over R
&7&8Step R out to R, Tap L beside R, Step L out to L, Tap R beside L

Push Recover, Push Recover, Sailor Step, Lock ¾ Unwind
1 – 2Press R out to R as you press R hip out, Recover to L
3 – 4Press R out to R as you press R hip out, Recover to L
5-&-6Step R back behind L, Step L in place, Step R out to R
7 – 8Point/Lock L behind R, Unwind ¾ Turn L (small step fwd on L as you finish turn)
(Should be facing 3 o’clock)

Big Step-Step Together, Heel Swivels x2, Ball Step Fwd, Out-Out & Cross
1 – 2Big step out to R w/ R, Step L beside R (weight should be even)
&3&4Swivel both heels to R, Back to center, Swivel both heels to L, Back to center weight R
(note) On your swivels come up on the balls of your feet and down when you go to center
&-5-6Ball step L back, Step R fwd, Step L beside R
&7&8Step R out to R, Step L out to L, Step R in towards L, Cross L over R

Half Turn Monterey, Rock & Cross, ¾ Turn Box to L
1 – 2Point R to R, Half Turn R stepping R beside L,
3-&-4Rock L out to L, Recover to R, Cross L over R
5 – 6Slide R out to R, ¼ Turn L sliding L out to L,
7 – 8¼ Turn L sliding R out to R, ¼ Turn L sliding L out to L (@ 12 o’clock)

Cross & Cross & Cross & Point, ¼ Turn – ½ Turn, Walk Back x2
1&2&3Cross R over L, Step L to L, Cross R over L, Step L to L, Cross R over L,
& - 4Step L to L, Point R behind L as you look L and clap on count 4
5 – 6¼ Turn R stepping R fwd, ½ Turn R stepping L back
7 – 8Walk back on R, Walk back on L (@ 9 o’clock)

Press Together, Press Cross, Skate-Skate, Side Together Side
1234Press R out to R, Step R in beside L, Press L out to L, Cross L over R
5 – 6Skate R fwd, Skate L fwd
7-&-8Step R out to R, Step L in beside R, Step R out to R

Flick Cross, Full Turn Bounce Unwind, Side Behind 1/4 Fwd, 1/2 Turn
&-1-2Flick L heel up, Cross L over R, Start full turn unwind R
3-4-5Continue unwind as you bounce heels over 234, Step L out L ( at 9 o’clock)
(Finish unwind on count 4 transferring weight over to R)
6&7-8Step R behind L, 1/4 Turn L stepping L fwd, Step R fwd, 1/2 Turn L taking weight L

½ Turn Step Back, Mambo Step, Jump Together, Applejacks / Heel Swivels x4
1-2&31/2 Turn L stepping back on R, Rock back on L, Recover to R, Step L fwd (at 6 o’clock)
4-5&6&Jump both feet fwd landing shoulder width apart, Apple jack L toe L R heel in, back to center, Apple jack R toe R and L heel in, back to center
7-&-8Apple jack L toe to L and R heel in, back to center, Apple jack R toe R and L heel in
Note: If you can’t applejack swivel R heel in, Then L, Then R, Then L weight on R

TAG: The Tag happens during the 3rd wall…You dance the first 32 counts then do the tag and Restart the dance from the top after the Tag. The Tag is done to 12 o’clock!
Press/Touch x3, Step Together, Point, Lock Unwind Full Turn
1234Press R fwd, Press R towards R diagonal, Press R out to R, Step R in beside L
5678Point L out to L, Touch/Lock L behind R, Unwind full turn L transferring weight to R
Note: You will not do the ball step to start after the tag, simply rock fwd on R

RESTART: Happens during the 5th wall. Dance the first 16 counts and instead of a 3/4 unwind you will only unwind a 1/2 turn to face you at 12 o’clock. Drop counts 17 to 32 and go directly into the cross and cross and cross point section and continue normally from there.

SEQUENCE: 64, 64, 32 then Tag at 12 o’clock, 64, 48, Then dance till box step ending to front


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